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Charleez Body Sugaring has been providing the body sugaring hair removal experience in Tillsonburg since February.

"I am very excited for the future of Charleez Body Sugaring," said Charli Kielly, certified sugaring practitioner, currently offering the all-natural body sugaring service at Indigo Lounge in Tillsonburg. "I have big plans to stay with this positive, inspiring, and fast-growing business for many years to come."

Body sugaring is an all-natural type of hair removal. The sugar paste is 100 per cent natural and is safe for all skin types. It is a 'wonderful exfoliant,' said Kielly, that only adheres to dead skin and hair, not to live skin cells.

"Sugaring leads to permanent hair loss over time," she said. "This is a hands on process with no strips. Sugar removes hair at its natural growth direction, weakening the follicle with every visit."

Over time, this causes the follicle to collapse and no longer produce hair. How often to you do it? To start, she suggests four to five weeks after the first session. And after a couple of visits, it will be months between sugaring.

Outlining some of the many benefits to sugaring vs waxing, Kielly pointed out the all-natural products, it's water soluble, sugar never burns the skin because of the hands on technique, sugar is bacteria resistant, it helps with in-grown hairs, and it's very safe for sensitive skin. For many, it's less uncomfortable than waxing, and it's more effective at ridding of hair longer.

"Sugaring is safe for all ages and all parts of the body," said Kielly, noting it is recommended for both men and women.

Body parts that can be sugared include: legs, arms, armpits, chin/upper lip, bikini, and men's back, chest and arms.

Kielly can be contacted at Indigo Lounge, 264 Tillson Ave. in Tillsonburg, at 519-688-1188 or by email at For more information on Indigo Lounge, visit their website at

"I look forward to building positive relationships with each and every client," Kielly concluded.


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