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Ladies A

Great Lakes Physio-Corey's Restaurant clinched first last week with a close one-run come-from-behind win over EMI Steelerz. They closed out their schedule with a big win over Orange Crush who had beat them one week earlier.

Jays had an impressive win over Eichenberg's and also won a close one over EMI.

Orange Crush won easily over Hollister KIA and ServiceMaster, and defeated Camo by six. Eichenberg's also defeated ServiceMaster last week.

Eichenberg 22,

ServiceMaster 6

Eichenberg: Tena Bueckert 5-5, Kaitlin Anseeuw 4-4, Tamarah Schultz HR

ServiceMaster: Cheryl Johnson 3-3, Becky Abbott 3-3

Stacey Harris drove in seven runs for Eichenberg's.

Orange Crush 17,

ServiceMaster 6

Orange Crush: Steph Stekli 4-4, TJ Balazs 4-4 HR

ServiceMaster: Kerry Jensen 3-3, Lindsay Varro 2-3

Tara Foster scored three runs for Orange Crush.

Orange Crush 20,

Hollister KIA 9

Orange Crush: Nicole Harris 4-4, Candi Obar 4-4

Hollister KIA: Monica Barnes 3-3, Trisha DeLoose 3-4

Candi Obar had a double and drove in five for Orange Crush.

Great Lakes Corey's 9

Orange Crush 2

Great Lakes Physio - Corey's: Jill Whiteside 3-4, Janet Culliton 3-4, Jen Hillner 2-3

Orange: Christina Langrell 3-3, Jen Hillner 2-3

Janet Culliton and Jill Whiteside scored two runs each for Great Lakes.

Jays 17,

Eichenberg's 9

Jays: Lori Valcarius 4-4, Mary Froese 5-5

Eichenberg: Kelly Spencer 2-3, Tamarah Schultz 2-3

Mary Froese and Lori Valcarius scored three runs each for Jays.

Great Lakes Corey's 7,


GL Physio – Corey's: Tracey Pressey 3-3, Sheri Coulombe 3-3

EMI: Kim Jeromin 2-3, Laurie Loughlin 3-3

Deb Simmonds cashed in Tania Ghesquiere with the eventual winning run in the sixth.

Jays 9, EMI 8

Jays: Bobbi Hiscock 5-5, Amy Beattie 4-4

EMI: Tracey Coderre 2-3, Laurie Loughlin 2-3

Melissa (?) had the walkoff base hit for Jays.

Orange Crush 10,

Camo 4

Orange Crush: Kerilynn Hayward 3-3, Christina Langrell 3-3

Camo: Amber Granger 4-4, Krystal Sivyer 3-4

Nicole Harris and Kerilynn Hayward each scored two runs for Orange.

Ladies B

Hollister KIA won a big one over Challengers last week to solidify their hold on first. They also doubled up Ritchie's and beat Camo easily.

Focus won a squeaker over Camo.

Hollister KIA 17,

Challengers 10

Hollister KIA: Trisha DeLoose 3-3, Jess Salverda 2-3

Challengers: Tina Klassen 3-4, Neta Klassen 3-4

KIA plated seven fifth-inning runs to break up a tie game.

Hollister KIA 6,

Ritchie's 3

Hollister KIA: Mandi Howe 3-3, Jess Salverda 3-3

Ritchie's: Heidi MacDonald 2-3, Ashley Aker 2-3

KIA plated four in the fifth to take the lead for good.

Focus 9, Camo 8

Focus: Annette Versteegen 3-4, Kristen Bogart 3-4

Camo: Megan Bye 3-4, Krystal Sivyer 3-4

Camo scored late to come within one.

Hollister KIA 30,

Camo 17

Hollister KIA: Becky Ford 5-5, Mandi Howe 5-5

Camo: Heather Simmonds 5-6, Amber Granger 5-6

Nine of KIA's batters scored at least two runs.

Men's A

Roosters knocked off Survivors twice last week – one was a come-from-behind walk-off win. Gators recorded a mercy win over Survivors as well.

IC Waters outslugged Gators to record the other Tillsonburg Men's Slo-Pitch A Division win.

Gators 20,

Survivors 5

Gators: Aaron Laporte 5-5 HR, Tyler Phillips 4-5, Jamie Nunn 2 HRs, Darren Swick 4-5 2 HRs

Survivors: Diedrich Klassen 3-3, Martin Klassen 4-4

Aaron Laporte hit for the cycle to lead the Gators. Jamie Nunn had three-run and two-run homers.

IC Waters 21,

Gators 18

IC Waters: Jeff Cadotte 4-4, Mike Shewan 4-4 3 HRs, Shawn Crane HR, Steve Leacock HR

Gators: Jamie Nunn 4-5, Darryl Vandendriessche 4-5

Mike Shewan led the winners with three homers and a double.

Roosters 17,

Survivors 12

Roosters: Joel Stubbs 4-4 3 HRs, Greg Buchner 4-4 HR, Mark Hamulecki 2 HRs, Derek Buchner HR

Survivors: Martin Klassen 4-4 HR, Dave Boldt 4-4 2 HRs

Joel Stubbs led the Roosters with homers in three consecutive at-bats.

Roosters 7,

Survivors 6

Roosters: Scott Heath 3-3, Justin Clapdorp 2-3

Survivors: Abraham K. Klassen 2-3, Henry Klassen 3-4

Roosters stole this one away with a three-run seventh. Greg Buchner had the walk-off base hit.

Men's B

Domino's Hounds collected two wins last week including a come-from-behind win over first place DeGroote-Hill.

GC Lounsbury also came from behind to defeat Ontario Laser Spartans. Broadway Lanes Bears rallied late to upend Kirwin and Oatman. Next Realty defeated Spartans and had little trouble beating GC Lounsbury. Bill's Pizza Kekambas tied DeGroote-Hill and beat the Bears.

Domino's Hounds 23,

DeGroote-Hill 22

Domino's: Joel Prouse 4-4, Chris Brittain 3-4, Nick Barnim 2 HRs, Mike Bouck HR

DeGroote-Hill: Doug Falkins 4-4 HR, Scott Mudford 4-4

Domino's stole this one away with a four-run seventh. Nick Barnim's homer provided the margin of difference.

Next Realty 15,

Ontario Laser 9

Next Realty: Ross Groat 4-4, Brent Schooley 4-4, Rob Derks HR

Ontario Laser Spartans: Abe Krahn 3-4, Pete Krahn 3-4, John Klassen HR, Jake Klassen HR

Brent Schooley scored three runs for the winners.

DeGroote-Hill 17,

Bill's Pizza 17

DeGroote-Hill: Jim Long 4-4, Adam Goodlett 4-5 HR, Trevor Fleet HR, Scott Mudford HR, Scott Wilson HR

Bill's Pizza Kekambas: Jason Davis 4-4, Travis Horvath 5-5 2 HRs, Kyle Hollister HR

Kyle Hollister's solo homer tied it for Kekambas in the seventh.

Domino's Pizza 19,

Broadway Lanes 15

Domino's: Nick Barnim 4-5, Lance MacKenzie 3-4

Broadway Lanes Bears: Devon Schultz 4-5 HR, Phil Beauvais 4-5

Nick Barnim, Ryan Varro and Craig Todt scored three runs each for the Hounds.

GC Lounsbury 9,

Ontario Laser 5

GC Lounsbury: Trevor Stuyt 3-3, Colin McDonald 3-3

Ontario Laser Spartans: Jake Dyck 3-3, Martin Klassen 3-3

GC Lounsbury scored five late runs to overtake the Spartans.

Broadway Lanes 18,

Kirwin Oatman 17

Broadway Lanes Bears: Derrick Harnish 4-5 2 HRs, Kyle Bridge 3-4 HR

Kirwin and Oatman: Matt Davis 4-5, Thom Puhr 5-5 2 HRs

Derrick Harnish homered twice, tripled and scored the Bears' winning run in the seventh.

Next Realty 13,

GC Lounsbury 2

Next Realty: Steve Derks 3-4, Ross Groat 3-4 HR, Dallas Dalby HR, Brent Schooley HR

GC Lounsbury: Justin Miller 2-3, Trevor Stuyt 2-3

Dallas Dalby had a three-run homer for Next Realty.

Bill's Pizza 17,

Broadway Lanes 13

Bill's Pizza Kekambas: Travis Horvath 4-4, Evan Chute 3-3

Broadway Lanes: Brad Wencel 3-4, Brent O'Brien 3-4

Travis Horvath singled, doubled, tripled and scored four runs for Kekambas.

Men's C

Cain's Pelicans won twice on the field and once off the field last week.

Delhi Dodgers also won twice, and Corey's did the same as Cain's also winning a game by forfeit.

Corey's Restaurant 28,

John Beere 25

Corey's: Justin Wood 4-4, Mike Mesquita 6-6 HR

John Beere: Kevin Stuyt 5-5 4 HRs, Kalvin Smith 6-6 HR, Bryan Granger HR, Jesse Anderson HR

Mike Mesquita had a three-run homer in Corey's nine-run seventh. Mesquita also hit for the cycle. Kevin Stuyt homered four times in a losing cause.

Delhi 10,

John Beere 7

Delhi Dodgers: Kenny Mahler 2-3, Rob Atkins 2-3

John Beere: Chris Fisher 4-5, Shaun Elliott 3-5

Delhi shut out John Beere in the last three innings while scoring five for a comeback win.

Cain's Pelicans 21,

Destroyers 0

Cain's: Andrew Kamenar 5-5 HR, Nick Lonsbary 4-4 HR, Adam Jensen 2 HRs

Destroyers: Ross Russell 5-5, Dave Lockstein 5-6, Jesse Temple 2 HRs, Troy Temple HR

Cain's Adam Jensen homered twice and hit for the cycle against a persistent, short-handed Destroyers squad.

Delhi Dodgers 23,

Destroyers 12

Delhi: Kurt Pettitt 6-6, Rob Atkins 5-5 HR, Kenny Mahler HR

Destroyers: Jesse Temple 3-3 2 HRs, Paul Lavier 2-3, Sean Hanley HR

Rob Atkins homered and drove in six for Delhi.

Cain's 11,

Ward's Automotive 4

Cain's Pelicans: Kurt Vaughan 3-3, Andrew Dawson 2-2, Derek Craggs HR

Ward's: Connor Smith 2-3, Trevor Hawley 2-3 HR

Cain's broke this game open after a seven-run sixth.

Corey's Restaurant 15,

John Beere 14

Corey's: Matt Malott 2-3, Tony Martin 3-3

John Beere: Andrew Barnim 3-3, Jesse Anderson 3-3

Mike Mesquita had the walk-off hit for Corey's.


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