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All is not as it seems.

Have to wonder why some things are allowed to be put out there, advertised or stated when it is known it’s either not true or the message has been manipulated. I guess because thousands of people still fall for it and millions of dollars are made on the lack of knowledge, gullibility, greediness, fear or hope of the public.

From experience I know the commercial on TV about a computer cleaning program is not completely on the up and up. We all have times when our computers are running slow, blue screening or closing down. It goes with the territory if you do much surfing and downloading. There is just so much junk floating around out there just waiting for a simple little blip in order to work its way in.

The commercial claims it can diagnose and clean out all such cyberspace debris. It keeps saying free diagnosis and that part is true. If you download the program it hums, blinks, counts and displays. I had 14,783 questionable and possibly dangerous viruses on my computer. They told me that for free. That’s the easy part. Then they told me they could wipe out all those awful things before the viruses destroy my computer - for only six months of my old age pension - credit card please.

First they scare the beejeezus out of you then they feed that fear to get you to commit to a hefty fee. To me it’s just a bit twisted and not right.

For a long time now, I have been trying to eat healthier. I cut back on all the stuff I love and include more fibre, fish and vegetables in my diet. Kale, chard and the like, which are all the rage right now, has to be limited due to my blood clots but I try to fit a bit in occasionally. The doctors have cut me off hard cheese, coffee and soft drinks.

I eat very little in the way of sweets. That is unless I am invited to a birthday party that serves, instead of the usual cake, which I can easily pass up, ice cream sundaes with a plethora of toppings. Will power kinda let me down.

Not much on quinoa, flax and all that grainy stuff that is so good for you but now you can find bread that has every grain known to man, and some we have never heard of before. I use the ones that have the most stuff and those latest and greatest health seeds are included.

Studies show, and many folks have told me, that flax is only good if it’s ground. If you use the seed whole it doesn’t break down in the system so offers no good whatsoever. And I believe them completely, after all friends wouldn’t let friends eat uninformed. So I ask, why is flax seed bread loaded inside and on the crust with whole flax seeds? Do the companies not know it doesn’t work that way or do we, the public, need to see it to believe it’s really in there?

I don’t consume many of the seeds anyway because when I make a sandwich with this bread the flax seeds are all over the counter, the plate, my clothes, in my hair and on the floor. Grind the stuff up and put it in so it can give those of us who are trying to be healthy the benefits we’re seeking.


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