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Dave Chesterman - Tillsonburg Outlaws Racing Club

World of Outlaws has come and gone for 2014 at Ohsweken Speedway. I know Tuesdays are a great race night because the "Pro's" choose it too.

Since it is difficult to be two places at once, Tillsonburg Outlaws moved to Thursday night so that choosing was not necessary. Both could be done with a day to spare for rainouts.

We had one last race, before kicking July to the wayside.

In the Tillsonburg Lubricare Beginners Aubry Smith (Woodstock) managed two out of three wins for the overall by a mere point over Noah Longthorne (Innerkip).

The Smale Powder Coat Juniors had a new racer in attendance, Bailey Heard from Niagara Falls, who had a fun night racing the high line. The action up front though was a mix of finishes that when averaged out, put Nick Sheridan in first by a mere point over Kyle McGlone. Tom Pellizzari was able to total to within a point of second for third place overall.

Interestingly, the first place driver never won a race this week. Besides Kyle and Tom, Rayse Meyer won the Sprint making him tied for forth with Gabby Darling. To me it looked like checkers or wreckers, or smooth and consistent netted about the same points this week and thus only the three point spread from 1st to 5th. I'll let the drivers figure out which driving style they are trying for. LOL.

That brings us to the John Costello & Associates Seniors.

Despite nursing a poor running engine, Ty Freeman was able to get things going when it really mattered and took first overall this week with two out of three wins. Not far off was Jacob Sheridan in second and Eric McGlone in third, again only a point separating them. The Summer Series is shaping up to be one heck of a close battle.

Lastly, the Experts decided to try to use up all our ribbons in one night. Cody Coburn was nice enough to sit solo in first place so we only need one sticker but Bea Courtnage and myself were tied for second and Brent Smith, Austen Giles and Curtis Schultz were tied for third. Nobody left after that. Actually I could have said there was a three-way tie for LAST. Sorry, couldn't miss that opportunity.

I guess that's all this week...

The August civic holiday pushed our race to a wednesday night, which allowed Mother Nature to take a night off from her usual "rain" on race night.

We have three Tuesday races before kids are back in school before the Labour Day Wednesday race. We've yet to receive on update on flagger, Wayne Stainton, but Cathy Pellizzari stepped up again to run the flags for the Beg/Jr/Sr races. Janet Hall stepped up the run the computer scoring which allowed Lawrence to go trackside to be a flag marshall. That allowed David Chesterman to have a night off from trackside. Some different people in different positions but the night still went off smoothly.

The Lubricare Center (Tillsonburg) Beginners was missing 50% of the competitors so Noah Longthorne joined the juniors and held his own. Next Tuesday Noah will be battling for Beginner class supremacy aboard a QRC shorty next week. Noah (Innerkip) took 1st place for the night running 1st,1st,1st.

The Smale Powder Coat Juniors had a couple of teams on holidays this week but the action was still intense with different winners in each race. With the Beginner division running at the same time it made for some entertaining viewing as the drivers had to negotiate a slower class car and continued the tight racing within their own class. The drivers continue to impress with driving/racing skills and the younger drivers with less horsepower only run a 1/10 sec. slower than the seniors. After the dust has settled on the night there was a tie for 1st between Tom Pellizzari (Courtland) & Nick Sheridan (Mt.Brydges), 2nd was Kyle McGlone (Union) and 3rd was John Jackson Jr. (Port Stanley).

The John Costello & Associates Seniors are a tight group on the track. Skill level has raised within all the teams. Scott Hall took advantage of front row starts and almost had a perfect night. In the final feature race Scott went high coming out of corner four which allowed Eric McGlone to tuck inside and get the drive to make the pass. That finish was reviewed the next morning on the camera system - four different sets of eyes reviewed the footage from the different angles available and the finish is now posted on MyLaps. After the points were tabulated it was Scott Hall (Wilsonville) in 1st, Eric McGlone (Union) 2nd and Cameron Davidson (Brantford) 3rd.

The X-Pert division put on an entertaining show in each of their featues as 1st feature had chain derails and front brake failures to make things interesting. 2nd feature had 3 cars trying for the same inch of track on Lap 1. Two cars into the wall, some bent sheet metal but only one car retired for the night from a shifted seat issue. After the points were tabulated the night champion was Austin Giles (Aylmer) , Cody Coburn (Mt.Brydges) in 2nd followed by Holly Porter (Langton) in 3rd.

Next race, Aug 12 2014.


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