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Suzanne Fleet is asking the community for feedback on a new events centre in Tillsonburg.

An online poll was created to gather information – she wants to know how much interest there is, she wants suggestions for event centre activities.

"There are three sections," said Fleet. "The first question is, 'would you like to see a new events centre?' It's multiple choice, yes or no.

"The second question is 'what activities would you like to see if we have a new events centre?' It's a multiple choice of everything I have thought of that we could put in the building."

As an extra part to the second question, the survey asks, 'if you have any other suggestions of activities you would like to see in the building...' She wants your ideas, too.

The third part is not a multiple choice – it's a question of networking.

"If you would like further notification on our progress, please include your name and email address."

It's a very simple, short survey, said Fleet, but it will be a valuable resource for those who want an events centre in Tillsonburg. Results are checked every morning, and she said it has been very interesting so far seeing results on a daily basis.

"It was phenomenal, the amount of response we got in the first two days. No. 1 was the Home and Rec Show. A craft show was in second place. And it goes down from there."

The survey, which will be available online at the rest of the summer and into the fall, was created because Fleet wanted to know if significant interest was still there two years after the town sold its event centre.

"I've been working on this for over a year. Building a business plan, and some meetings."

Fleet is heading up a group of potential users that includes the Tillsonburg Kiwanis Club, Station Arts Centre, Tillsonburg Shrine Club and an auto swap meet group.

"It's still in the investigation stage," said Fleet, "getting facts and figures."

One of the advantages of having an event centre, she said, is bringing income into Tillsonburg in the form of shopping, restaurants and motels.

"It does benefit a lot of people in town."



The Town of Tillsonburg had announced on Tuesday, February 5, 2003, that it purchased the former tobacco auction exchange facility on Cedar Street, with 18.5 acres of industrially-zoned land, for $1.1 million.

"This is really important for the future of the town, this is a strategic property and the facility is in good shape," Tillsonburg Mayor Irv Horton said in 2003.

The long-range plans for the property were unknown at the time. Horton went on to say the building, and 10 acres of serviced industrial land, could be sold off as one big lot or divided into smaller lots. Council would evaluate the situation at a later date. In the short term, it would be marketed as a special events facility, which would be open year round.

"This was important for us," said CAO Dave Morris in 2003. "It will be important for strategic growth."

The Tillsonburg Kiwanis Club (Home and Rec Show) and Tillsonburg hospital auxiliary (Extravaganza) both celebrated the sale.

"I'm not sure what they have in mind long term, but at least for now it is very good news for us," said Duiane Nelson from the hospital auxiliary.

Virginia Armstrong, Station Arts Centre co-ordinator, had said Down Home Country Christmas would consider moving to the Special Events Centre as the Community Centre was getting crowded for the ever-growing event.

The town held on to its Special Events Centre until 2012 when the building and 8.8 acres of land were sold to local businessman Rick Klyn for $600,000.

Without the Special Events Centre, which included 62,000 square feet main floor space, the Kiwanis Home and Rec Show had to be shelved. Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital Volunteer Association's Extravaganza was replaced by alternate fundraisers. Down Home Country Christmas moved to TVDSB's Glendale High School.


The survey can be found at

New Tillsonburg Event Centre Survey

1. Would you like to see a new event centre in Tillsonburg?



2. What activities would you like to see at the centre?

craft show


BBQ competition

cooking show

scrapbooking workshop

quilt show

model plane show

model train show

indoor soccer

wood show

winter farmer's market


RV show

mom to be show

lawn tractor races

dog show

bridal show

motorcycle show

car shows

hospital extravaganza

auto swap meet

home & rec show

ball hockey

home party expo

indoor yard sale

Other (please specify)

3. If you would like to receive future emails regarding this survey and our progress, please complete the form below.


Company name (optional)

Email Address

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey.


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