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The Tillsonburg Slo-Pitch regular season is quickly coming to an end as we commence the third week of July. A lot of the races will probably go down to the wire.

Men's A

The Roosters easily defeated Maple View Variety last week and won a close one over Gators to move alone into third place. Gators evened their week with a mercy over Woodland RV.

Roosters 22,

Maple View Variety 10

Roosters: Mark Hamulecki 5-5 2 HRs, Curtis Neabel 5-5 3 HRs, Derek Buchner HR, Greg Buchner HR

Maple View Variety: Ryan Black 3-4, Abe Epp 3-3

Curtis Neabel led the Roosters with three homers and five runs scored.

Gators 22,

Woodland RV 8

Gators: Darryl Vandendriessche 5-5 HR, Dave Hodges 4-4, Tyler Phillips HR

Woodland RV: Ben Heinrichs 3-4, Tom Csoff 3-4 HR

Everyone in the Gators lineup scored at least one run.

Roosters 6,

Gators 5

Roosters: Derek Kunderman 3-4, Justin Clapdorp 3-3

Gators: Mike Decoene 2-3, Darren Swick 2-3

Roosters scored all of their six runs over their first two at-bats.

Men's B

It's becoming an interesting division race as just four wins separate first from fourth. Bill's Pizza Kekambas beat the division leader DeGroote-Hill and got a walk-off win over C leader Cain's Pelicans moving them into a tie for third with Domino's Hounds who lost a close one to DeGroote-Hill.

Next Realty had two successful last at-bats a tie and a walk-off win. GC Lounsbury also had a win and a tie.

Ontario Laser Spartans and Kirwin and Oatman grabbed the other wins.

Ontario Laser 20,

Ward's Automotive 15

Ontario Laser Spartans: Pete Dyck 3-3 HR, Herman Enns 4-4, Jake Dyck 2 HRs, John Klassen 2 HRs, Jake Klassen HR

Ward's: Zach Dewachter 4-4, Brett Parsons 4-5, Chad Vigar HR

John Klassen homered twice and drove in five for Spartans. Abe Dyck had a pair of triples.

Next Realty 19,

GC Lounsbury 19

Next Realty: Ross Groat 4-4 HR, Bob Evans 3-4 HR

GC Lounsbury: Travis Nikin 4-4 2 HRs, Devin Lee 4-4

Next Realty plated eight runs in their last at-bat to earn the tie.

Kirwin and Oatman 26,

John Beere 9

Kirwin Oatman: Matt Davis 3-3, Scott Swance 3-3, Thom Puhr HR, Joe Fansher 3 HRs

John Beere: Kevin Stuyt 2-2 HR, Jesse Anderson 2-3

Joe Fansher homered three times and drove in six for the winners.

DeGroote-Hill 7

Domino's Hounds 5

DeGroote-Hill: Scott Mudford 4-4, John Sergeant 2-2

Domino's: Jim McKillen 2-2, Scott Ball 2-3

DeGroote-Hill rallied with three seventh-inning runs to pull out the win.

GC Lounsbury 25,

Delhi Dodgers 8

GC Lounsbury: Mike Vanwynsberghe 3-3 HR, Trevor Stuyt 3-3 HR, Kent Collings HR

Delhi: Jordan Pope 2-3, Craig Franklin 2-3, Garrett Roelens HR

Trevor Stuyt homered, tripled and doubled for the winners.

Bill's Pizza 21,

Cain's Pelicans 20

Bill's Pizza Kekambas: Travis Horvath 5-5 HR, Kyle Hollister 4-5 3 HRs, Brandon Rohrer 2 HRs

Cain's: Adam Jensen 4-4 4 HRs, Kevin Buchner 3-4, Andrew Dawson HR, Steve Robb HR, Brandon Baldwin HR

Jeremy Weiss had the walk-off RBI for Bill's Pizza.

Next Realty 12,

Broadway Lanes 11

Next Realty: Dallas Dalby 4-4 HR, Kevin Karnes 3-4

Broadway Lanes Bears: Brad Wencel 3-4, Cam Curtis 2-2, Jeff Davis HR

Rick Pihokker had the walk-off single for Next Realty. Kevin Karnes had a triple in Next's four-run seventh.

Bill's Pizza 13,

DeGroote-Hill 8

Bill's Pizza Kekambas: Cody Furlong 3-4, Kyle Hollister 3-4, Benson Howey HR

DeGroote-Hill: Doug Falkins 3-3, John Sergeant 3-3

Evan Chute scored three runs for the winners.

Men's C

Delhi Dodgers grabbed the only division win last week pouring on the offence plating 28 runs against Corey's.

Delhi Dodgers 28,

Corey's Restaurant 11

Delhi: Bill Chesney 4-4, Kenny Mahler 4-4 HR, Marty MacDonald 3 HRs

Corey's: Justin Wood 4-4, Mike Mesquita 2-3, Jeff Dertinger HR, Derek Elliott HR

Leadoff batter Marty MacDonald homered three times for Delhi.

Ladies A

Eichenberg's recorded four victories last week including a win despite fielding just eight players. First place Great Lakes Physio-Corey's had a close win over Orange Crush and had a walk-off win over EMI Steelerz.

Jays shut out EMI in a low-scoring 2-0 game.

Jays 2,

EMI Steelerz 0

Jays: Mary Froese 2-3, Nick Shewan 2-2

EMI: Tracey Coderre 1-2, Daniella Boughner 1-2

Melissa Hughes plated Mary Froese in Jays' first inning, the only run they would need.

Eichenberg's 12,

Jays 7

Eichenberg: Kim Harrop 4-4, Tamarah Schultz 3-4

Jays: Nicki Shewan 3-3, Amy Beattie 2-3

Tena Bueckert led Eichenberg's with a pair of triples.

Eichenberg's 14,

EMI Steelerz 5

Eichenberg: Kathy Vanderven 5-5, Stacey Harris 5-5

EMI: Kim Wood 3-4, Tracey Coderre 3-3

Eichenberg's took this one easily despite playing with only eight.

Eichenberg's 10,

ServiceMaster 1

Eichenberg: Tena Bueckert 3-4, Kim Harrop 3-4

ServiceMaster: Jodi Hodges 3-3 Becky Dancy 2-3

Nancy Hiebert, Kim Harrop and Tena Bueckert each scored two runs for Eichenberg's.

Great Lakes 10,

Orange Crush 7

Great Lakes Physio-Corey's Restaurant: Hilary Stoop 3-3, Janet Culliton 3-3

Orange Crush: Bobbi Anderson 3-3, Candi Obar 3-3

Kirby Steinhoff had a two-run triple for the winners.

Great Lakes 13,

EMI Steelerz 12

Great Lakes Physio-Corey's Restaurant: Jill Whiteside 4-4, Tracey Pressey 3-3

EMI: Julaine Vandenbrink 3-4, Jordan Coderre 2-3

Janet Culliton had the walk-off RBI in the winners' seventh. Jill Whiteside, Michelle Puhr and Shannon Ewing hit back-to-back-to-back triples the fifth.

Eichenberg's 19,

Energy Productions 7

Eichenberg: Tamarah Schultz 3-4, Kim Harrop 3-4 HR (Grand Slam); Kaitlin Anseeuw HR

Energy Productions: Bri Johnston 3-4, Kristen Mawhinney 3-4

Kim Harrop led the winners with a grand slam and double.

Ladies B

Hollister KIA took over possession of first place after upending Challengers by two and winning by 12 over Energy Productions. Energy Productions also upset Challengers.

Focus moved ahead of Challengers into a second place after defeating Ritchie's 7-4. Ritchie's moved within two of third after their win over Energy Productions.

Hollister KIA 20,

Energy Productions 8

Hollister KIA: Jen Cadman 3-3, Amber Woolgar 3-4, Mandy Kromplak HR (grand slam)

Energy Productions: Danielle Swart 4-4, Monique Millard 3-3

Mandy Kromplak led the winners with a grand slam, a triple and double.

Ritchie's 18,

Energy Productions 11

Ritchie's: Robin Callens 4-4, Randi Williams 4-4

Energy Productions: Bri Johnston 3-4, Marcia Wright 3-4

Robin Callens had a double and scored three runs for Ritchie's.

Hollister KIA 8,

Challengers 6

Hollister KIA: Mandi Howe 3-3, Jessica Salverda 3-3, Amber Woolgar HR

Challengers: Lisa Klassen 3-3, Tonya Temple 3-3

Mandi Howe had a sixth-inning triple and scored KIA's winning run.

Energy Productions 13,

Challengers 9

Energy Productions: Danielle Swart 3-3, Sherri Cronk 2-2

Challengers: Lisa Klassen 4-4, Lisa Teichroeb 3-3

Energy Productions' Kristen Mawhinney doubled and drove in three.

Focus 7,

Ritchie's 4

Focus: Steph Belanger 3-3, Pat Sivyer 2-3

Ritchie's: Lindsay Warboys 2-3, Karen Horvath 2-3

Pat Sivyer scored two runs for Focus.



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