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All-Star Night

What an event! I don't believe anyone realized what we were in for when Jared Pettman and Super Jeff Gwyn volunteered to emcee the night.

Jared provided a phenomenal sound system complete with popular tunes that had the crowd in a joyful mood. The commentary was interesting, humorous and professional as Super Jeff played an 'Ed McMahon' type straight man to 'J-Pett.'

The event started out in a special way with the two announcers introducing the lineups and coaches at the foul lines, Major League Baseball style. All of their comments on the evening were tasteful, complimentary, and sometimes quite humorous!

The men's home run derby was won by Robert Q Travel's Josh Stubbs. The ladies title was taken by Jays' Jessica Faulk, who edged out Great Lakes Physio-Corey's Tracey Pressey and Challengers' Helena Dyck.

Men's A - All-Stars

Driessche's Team 21, Dozer's Demons 20

Driessche's: Chris VanParys 4-4, Nick Nagy 4-4 2 HRs, Trevor Oakes HR, Dave Phillips HR, Bryan DeBlaire HR, Martin Klassen 2 HRs, Jake Klassen HR

Demons: Scott Beattie 4-4, Derek Kunderman 4-4, Matt Ungar 2 HRs, Tom Csoff HR, Randy Miller HR, Greg Buchner HR, Brad Adams HR

Bryan DeBlaire had a walk-off two-RBI single to win it. Nick Nagy, entering the batter's box with the walkup music of Barbie Girl playing garnered MVP honours with special recognition to Dozer's Matt Ungar.

Men's B – All-Stars

Dick's Sandmen 21, Weaver's Rookies 16

Sandmen: Trevor Stuyt 3-4, Mike Bouck 3-4 HR, Steve Derks HR, Bob Evans 2 HRs, Abe Krahn HR, John Klassen HR

Weavers: Benson Howey 3-4 HR, Shaine Hall 3-3 HR, Jess Legg HR, Brad Wencel 2 HRs, Adam Goodlett HR

Sandmen came from behind plating seven seventh-inning runs. Bob Evans' two dingers and a double gave him the MVP award. Steve Derks was a close second.

Men's C – All-Stars

All the President's Men 26, Holly's Heroes 11

President's: Ross Russell 4-4, Dustin Pettit 4-5, Kevin Stuyt 2 HRs, Andrew Kamenar HR

Holly's: Jason Vandommele 4-4, Gus Ford 3-4

Parkz' Team took home the President's Cup handily. Kevin Stuyt's two homer performance gave him MVP honours, and Drew Kamenar was runner-up.

Ladies – All-Stars

Dream Weaver's 19, K's Kool Kats 8

Dream Weaver's: Tracey Pressey 4-5, Helena Dyck 4-5, Mary Froese HR, Tamarah Schultz 4-5 HR

K's Kool Kats: Becky Ford 3-3, Melissa Johnston 3-3, Deanna Littler HR

Dream Weaver's plated 12 in their first two at-bats. Mary Froese, with a homer, three singles and some sparkling catches in the outfield, edged out Tracey Pressey and Deanna Littler for MVP honours. Littler launched one off the foul pole in right field in the fifth inning.

Many thanks to Chris Parker for running an even better event than last year! To the Dynamic Duo of J-Pett and Super Jeff, the umpires John Nichols and Mike Schmeltz, and the Great Lakes Physio-Corey's ladies who ran the most efficient bar ever!

Also big thanks to the coaches – Dick Vanderven, Kelly Spencer, Kathy Vanderven, Kyle Hollister, Chris Parker, Darryl Vandendriessche, Kevin Johnson, Jason Puhr and Dave Weaver, Domino's Pizza and The Zone Sports, Chris Abbott from The Tillsonburg News, all the volunteers that helped with set-up and clean-up, and most of all to the players and the spectators. THANKS!

Ladies A

Hollister KIA gave first place Great Lakes Physio-Corey's a good run last week before surrendering to them by four.

Orange Crush spotted Ritchie's an early three-run first inning lead before coming back to score 15.

Orange Crush 15, Ritchie's 3

Orange Crush: Courtney Morse 3-4, Steph Steckli 3-3

Ritchie's: Randi Williams 2-3, Holly Dayman 2-3

Tara Foster and Jen Hillner each scored three runs for the winners.

Great Lakes-Corey's 12, Hollister KIA 8

Great Lakes Physio-Corey's Restaurant: Kirby Steinhoff 3-3, Hilary Stoop 3-3

Hollister KIA: Becky Ford 2-2, Lyndsay Miller 2-3

Janet Culliton had a two-run homer, Kirby Steinhoff and Hilary Stoop had triples in Great Lakes' go ahead five-run sixth.

Ladies B

Ritchie's knocked off A's fourth place Jays 9-3. Challengers remained hot upsetting ServiceMaster by five.

Challengers 12, ServiceMaster 7

Challengers: Helena Dyck 4-5 HR, Susie Klassen 4-5

ServiceMaster: Melissa Howick 4-4, Kelly Verscheuren 3-3

Challengers' Helena Dyck had a two-run homer and was a triple shy of hitting for the cycle.

Ritchie's 9, Jays 3

Ritchie's: Lindsay Warboys 4-4, Robin Callens 3-4

Jays: Jessica Grundy 3-4, Kirstie Jones 2-3

Robin Callens and Randi Williams each scored two runs for Ritchie's.

Men's A

Haines Roofing took over first place after beating Maple View Variety and Survivors.

Survivors' Jake Klassen had a walkoff grand slam as they upset third place Roosters, and they welcomed Dave Boldt to their lineup as they outslugged Robert Q in their other win.

Haines Roofing 19, Maple View 17

Haines Roofing: Scott Harris 4-4, Dave Phillips 3-4, Craig Smith HR, Trevor Oakes HR, Phil Durham HR, Kevin Harrop HR

Maple View Variety: Ryan Miller 3-4, Abe Epp 3-4 HR, Darren Pace HR, Tim Pressey HR

Haines Roofing plated seven seventh-inning runs rallying for the comeback win. Phil Durham led off the rally with a homer.

Haines Roofing 27, Survivors 20

Haines: Darren Phillips 4-4, Dan Clark 4-4, Dave Phillips 3 HRs, Trevor Oakes HR, Adam Thomson HR

Survivors: Diedrich Klassen 4-4, Martin Epp 3-4, Martin Klassen 2 HRs, Jake Klassen HR

Dave Phillips homered three times and tripled to lead Haines.

Survivors 24, Roosters 22

Survivors: Jake Klassen 5-5 HR (grand slam), Henry Klassen 4-5, Martin Klassen 2 HRs, Pete Klassen HR, Abe E. Klassen HR

Roosters: Justin Clapdorp 3-3 HR, Greg Buchner 4-4 HR, Mark Hamulecki 2 HRs, Josh Munro 2 HRs

Jake Klassen won it for Survivors with a walkoff grand slam in Survivors' 10-run seventh.

Survivors 29, Robert Q 22

Survivors: Dave Boldt 5-5 2 HRs, Jake Klassen 5-6 HR, Martin Klassen 2 HRs, Diedrich Klassen HR

Robert Q Travel: Matt Wight 4-4 2 HRs, Clayt Stubbs 5-5, Nick Nagy 2 HRs, Josh Stubbs 2 HRs

Dave Boldt and Martin Klassen each homered twice and scored five runs for Survivors.

Men's B

Ontario Laser Spartans unleashed a potent offence last week compiling 67 runs over their two wins.

Kirwin and Oatman picked up an extra inning victory over first-place DeGroote-Hill. They were defeated by Domino's Hounds.

Next Realty won by three over Bill's Pizza Kekambas to round out the week's action.

Ontario Laser 38, Broadway Lanes 33

Ontario Laser Spartans: Corny Krahn 6-7, Abe Krahn 6-7 HR, Jake Dyck HR, Martin Klassen HR, Jake Klassen HR

Broadway Lanes Bears: Jess Legg 6-6 HR, Jay Seitz 6-6, Phil Beauvais HR, Brad Wencel HR, Nathan Moyer HR

Martin Klassen homered, hit four doubles and drove in seven for the winners.

Ontario Laser 29, Bill's Pizza 17

Ontario Laser Spartans: Pete Krahn 4-4 HR, Jake Krahn 4-5, Abe Krahn HR, Martin Klassen 2 HRs, John Klassen HR

Bill's Pizza Kekambas: Benson Howey 4-4, Steve Demeter 4-4, Kyle Hollister HR

John Klassen homered, tripled, and drove in five. Corny Krahn also drove in five for the winners.

Men's C

Corey's Restaurant won a pair over Stickmen last week. Cain's Pelicans doubled up on the Destroyers.

Delhi Dodgers won by seven over Ward's Automotive.

Domino's 15, Kirwin Oatman 8

Domino's Hounds: Joel Prouse 3-3, Scott Ball 3-3 2 HRs, Mark McKibbon HR, Mike Bouck HR

Kirwin and Oatman: Darryl Whittington 2-3, Joe Fansher HR, Thom Puhr HR

Scott Ball hit a pair of three-run homers for Domino's.

Next Realty 14, Bill's Pizza 11

Next Realty: Rick Pihokker 3-3, Ross Groat 3-4, Bob Evans HR

Bill's Pizza Kekambas: Kyle Hollister 4-5, Evan Prouse 4-5

Bob Evans had a two-run homer for Next Realty.

Kirwin Oatman 12, DeGroote-Hill 10

Kirwin and Oatman: Thom Puhr 2-3 HR, Matt Davis 2-4

DeGroote-Hill: Dave Weaver 3-4, Cody Long 3-4, Trevor Fleet HR

Jordy Thompson plated Kirwin and Oatman's winning and insurance runs in the eighth.

Delhi Dodgers 10, Ward's Automotive 3

Delhi: Craig Franklin 3-3, Jordan Pope 3-3

Ward's Automotive: Brett Parsons 3-4, Patrick Tanner 3-3

Leadoff batter Craig Franklin crossed three times for Delhi.

Cain's Pelicans 22, Destroyers 1

Cain's: Derek Craggs 4-4, Adam Jensen 5-6 HR, Andrew Kamenar 3 HRs

Destroyers: Paul Lavier 4-4, Ross Russell 3-3, Kevin Alward HR (grand slam)

Andrew Kamenar led Cain's with three homers, a double and four runs scored.

Corey's Restaurant 13, Stickmen 8

Corey's: Justin Wood 4-4, Mike Mesquita 4-4 HR

Stickmen: Ed Bouw 3-4, Kevin Macdonald 3-4

Derek Elliott scored four runs for Corey's.



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