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After a long and seemingly never-ending winter, it finally looks like the seasons have changed. Slo-pitch enthusiasts were able to take to the diamonds last week, and the ladies league in Tillsonburg, comprised of 12 teams, kicked it off Monday night. The men's schedule commenced the following night with its membership of 23 teams.


Last year's two finalists met in the opening game of the season with Eichenberg's and Great Lakes Physio/Corey's playing to a 12-12 draw. Each won their second game – Eichenberg beat Eastwood while Great Lakes won over ServiceMaster.

Orange Crush moved to the top of the standings beating Jays and Eastwood. Jays won over ServiceMaster to round out the division's results.

Eichenberg 12, Great Lakes 12

Eichenberg: Kaitlin Anseeuw 3-3, Kim Harrop 2-2

Great Lakes/Corey's: Michelle Puhr 3-3, Janet Culliton 3-4

Eichenberg fought back from a six-run deficit to take the lead in the seventh. Great Lakes/Corey's Kirby Steinhoff hit a long one-out triple and later scored the tying run.

Orange Crush 20, Jays 4

Orange Crush: Monik Collins 4-4, Bobbi Anderson 4-4

Jays: Jess Grundy 3-3, Nicki Dawson 2-3

Stacy Lauwerier led the winners with four runs scored. Orange Crush plated seven in their last at-bat.

Orange Crush 16, Eastwood 1

Orange Crush: Candi Obar 4-4, Bobbi Anderson 4-4

Eastwood: Alain Haskett 2-3, Deanna Littler 1-2

Tara Foster, TJ Balazs and Candi Obar each scored three runs for the winners.

Eichenberg 8, Eastwood 5

Eichenberg: Alisha Stubbs 3-3, Tamarah Schultz 4-4

Eastwood: Deanna Littler 3-3, Tracey Coderre 2-3

Kate Hahn and Tamarah Schultz each hit triples for the Dodge Girls.

Jays 16, ServiceMaster 6

Jays: Amy Beattie 4-4, Mary Froese 4-4

ServiceMaster: Melissa Howick 3-3, Jessica Brown 3-3

Jays plated five in their first two at-bats en route to victory. Amy Beattie scored three runs for Jays.

Great Lakes 18, Service Master 9

Great Lakes/Corey's: Janet Culliton 4-4, Jill Whiteside 4-4

ServiceMaster: Jodi Hedges 3-3, Melissa Howick 3-4

Great Lakes/Corey's plated seven in their first and last at-bats. Janet Culliton scored four runs.


Same as last season, Focus and Hollister KIA got the jump on the rest of the B Division winning their first two. Focus and Hollister each defeated Energy Productions. Focus topped Challengers by four and KIA's other victory was by 11 over Ritchie's.

Camo won in eight innings over Ritchie's in a low scoring affair. Challengers mercied Camo to round out division games last week.

Hollister KIA 16, Energy Productions 11

Hollister KIA: Patty Wye 3-3, Trisha DeLoose 3-3

Energy Productions: Tammy Wight 3-3, Brianne Johnston 2-3

Monica Barnes drove in four for the winners and Trisha DeLoose added a pair of doubles.

Challengers 22, Camo 2

Challengers: Tina Enns 4-4, Helena Dyck 4-4

Camo: Tanita White 2-2, Amber Way 1-2

Helen Dyck and Anna Enns each doubled and tripled for the winners.

Hollister KIA 17, Ritchie's 6

Hollister KIA: Mandi Howe 3-3, Jen Lee 3-3

Ritchie's: Randi Williams 2-3, Jess Howe-Greigs 2-3

Andrea Holden and Monica Barnes each drove in two in KIA's seven-run second.

Camo 4, Ritchie's 3

Camo: Heather Haley 3-4, Briane Clark 3-4

Ritchie's: (names not available)

Camo's Heather Haley had the walkoff base hit in the eighth inning.

Focus 11, Challengers 7

Focus: Steph Belanger 3-4, Nancy Benner 3-4

Challengers: Helena Dyck 4-4, Tonya Temple 4-4

A seven-run third keyed Focus' victory.

Focus 17, Energy Productions 5

Focus: Heidi Hopper 4-5, Bernita Jordan 4-4

Energy: (names not available)

Bernita Jordan scored three runs for Focus.


Gators was the only team to win on the diamond edging out IC Waters 8-7.

Maple View Variety D'Backs were up 5-0 on Robert Q Travel in the third, but Robert Q were unable to continue after an injury. Maple View won by forfeit.

The Survivors, newly returned to the league, earned a 21-21 tie with Robert Q Travel in their first game back.

Survivors 21, Robert Q Travel 21

Survivors: Peter Klassen 4-5 2 HRs, Martin Klassen 4-5 2 HRs

Robert Q Travel: Mike Supinski 4-5, Josh Stubbs 4-5 2 HRs, Nick Nagy 3 HRs, Donnie Murray 2 HRs

Robert Q's Nick Nagy was the star of the game homering in his first three at-bats.

Gators 8, IC Waters 7

Gators: Dave Hodges 3-4, Chris VanParys 3-4

IC Waters: Mike Shewan 3-4, Eric Vanwynsberghe 3-4

Ron Demaiter drove in the winning run for the nine-man Gators in a two-run sixth inning.


DeGroote-Hill took their opener in walkoff fashion over GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts. They closed out their perfect week outslugging Ontario Laser Spartans 21-13.

Domino's Hounds upset last year's B playoff champs Kekambas, despite playing with only nine. Ontario Laser Spartans welcomed Broadway Lanes Bears to the B Division with a seven-run decision fielding only nine.

Ontario Laser 16, Broadway Lanes 9

Spartans: Pete Friesen 4-5, Abe Dyck 4-4, Jake Friesen HR (grand slam)

Bears: Jeff Davies 3-3, Phil Beauvais 4-4

Jake Friesen closed out the winner's seven-run fifth with a grand slam.

Domino's Hounds 23, Kekambas 21

Domino's: Joel Prouse 5-5 HR, Mike Bouck 4-4, Craig Todt HR, Mark McKibbon HR

Kekambas: Kyle Smith 5-5, Jordan Bruckler 4-5, Travis Horvath HR, Kyle Hollister HR, Taylor Ostermaier HR

Domino's came from behind plating seven in a bat-around sixth. Mark McKibbon tripled in the rally.

DeGroote-Hill 13, GC Lounsbury 12

DeGroote-Hill: Adam Goodlett 4-5, Bob Long 4-5

GC Lounsbury: Greg Onaitis 3-3, Kent Collings 2-3

DeGroote's Adam Goodlett had the walkoff hit in the seventh.

DeGroote-Hill 21, Ontario Laser 13

DeGroote-Hill: Paul Nicholson 4-4, Doug Falkins 4-5, Adam Goodlett HR, Jim Long HR

Ontario Laser: Johnny Klassen 4-4 3 HRs, Pete Friesen 4-5, Corny Krahn 2 HRs

DeGroote-Hill put the game away with a seven-run seventh. Jim Long had a three-run homer in the rally.


Cain's Pelicans went out to a quick lead over Corey's Restaurant and held on for a 20-16 victory.

Delhi Dodgers put their game away against the Destroyers with a seven-run sixth.

Cain's Pelicans 20, Corey's Restaurant 16

Cain's: Andrew Kamenar 6-6 HR, Nick Lonsbary 5-5, Adam Jensen HR, Andrew Dawson HR

Corey's: Matt Malott 5-5, Dennis Orgoso 4-5, Justin Wood HR

Andrew Kamenar scored five runs for the winners.

Delhi Dodgers 14, Destroyers 9

Delhi: Nate Moyaert 3-3, Craig Franklin 3-4

Destroyers: Kody Underhill 4-4, Jesse Temple 4-4 HR

Nate Moyaert scored three runs for Delhi.


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