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On 6th March, 1457, in Edinburgh, Scotland, King James II banned ‘ye golf.’

It seems the lads were skipping archery practice to play golf, and golf clubs did not work as well as arrows against the enemy. Although, when you think about it, in battle, when the arrows were spent, they could have used their clubs!

It is not true that the word GOLF is an acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden although it was used for many years to keep women out of the game. Today it is a game for everyone and of all ages. Some people love a challenge while others who are highly competitive find the game stressful and frustrating. I played golf for a few years and loved every moment. I didn’t play well and didn’t care. I loved walking in the early morning, in a beautiful setting, seeing wildlife and collecting feathers, stones and all manner of interesting things. As you may have guessed I was often in the rough or woods.

I am sure there are many wives out there that wonder what their husbands do and talk about while they golf. Well, in February you will be able to find out. Theatre Tillsonburg will be presenting Norm Foster’s 'The Foursome.' Unfortunately you must wait until then to see it, however, Oct. 20th and Oct. 22nd we are having auditions for the four men in this show.

Here are the characters in the play:

Rick: A macho, bombastic man who is always looking for ways to hustle his friends. Rick is the schemer and “jokester” of the group.

Ted: Ted is a conservative man who runs a computer business and has a bit of a drinking problem. Beneath his laid-back exterior, he is insecure about his second marriage to a younger woman.

Cameron: A TV ad salesman and an incessant worrywart. He organized the golf game and is the most concerned about keeping in touch with his old friends.

Donnie: The 'family man' of the group. Donnie is the nerdy family man who talks incessantly about his wife and five children. Having never played golf before, he is the worst golfer of the group.

After quite a few years, these four buddies from high school have reunited to play 18 holes of golf. Like many golfers they are busy chatting, jesting and confessing while they are swinging their clubs.

“Although the tone of the script remains light-hearted throughout the play, the punchy one-liners and witty banter ultimately deliver insight into the personal struggles and camaraderie of long lost friends.”

Melanie Watts, a long-time Theatre Tillsonburg member, is directing the show, and Don Fonk is producing. They are looking for males of all ages as this production can be set according to the age group of the people audition. So don’t be shy!

The Foursome auditions are taking place October 20th and 22nd at 7 p.m. at the Otter Valley Playhouse on Potters Road. There will be a read through/production meeting for everyone on Oct. 28. The show will be performed Feb. 6-9 and 13-16.

This show will be offered for WODL Festival, so bring your calendar with you to make sure you have the dates available if the show is accepted in festival.

At first glance this show technically seems to be simpler than others as we have no walls or doors or windows to put up. However, we do have to create the great outdoors and 18 tees on stage.

Personally, as set designer, I thought it would be simpler to have the cast actually play the 18 holes at The Bridges here in Tillsonburg and make the audience walk around with them. However they wouldn’t change the dates and February is not a good month for golf. So, I must create a golf course with trees and ponds and sand traps and trees and bushes and ball washers and assorted other things that on a 23’ by 40’ stage. I most likely will need many of you to let us borrow all kinds of artificial trees including Christmas trees. But where will we get bushes? Maybe we could put the pond in the middle of the audience? No, Darlene in Box Office wouldn’t let us take that many seats out. Can you can see the challenges of this ‘simpler’ show?

Besides four men, we also need some artistically minded techies, not only to create the golf course on stage but to make it sound like it is outside with birds, planes and maybe the rustling of leaves. Lighting needs to be special too. The sun does not shine the same at 7 a.m. than at noon. It shines through trees, goes behind clouds making various shadows... Shows like this are a lot of fun for backstage because it is different that a living room and allows us to actually 'create.' So if you know of anyone who might like to play backstage in any area, please ask them to come to the auditions or give Don a call at 519-854-5678.



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