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Lots of excitement on the diamonds last week as we strive to reach the pinnacle of the season.

There will be two Game #5 semis played this week: in the A between Haines Roofing and I.C. Waters, and in the B pitting Kirwin & Oatman against Big Bass Brawlers.

A shout out to Jethro Cuerva – you know who you are LOL.

Men’s A Division

Maple View Variety won twice last week to eliminate Gators and advance to the A final.

In Game #2 Kieran Taylor had the walk-off RBI for Gators. Game #3 Maple View led the entire way as they eliminated Gators courtesy of a 10-run seventh in Game #4.

Game #2

Gators 14, Maple View Variety 13

Leading hitters, highlights:

Gators – James Nunn 3-4, Ron Demaiter 2-2, Scott Carruthers HR.

Maple View – Ryan Miller 3-4 2 HR, Brad Wencel 3-4, Ryan Black HR, Nathan Klassen HR.

Gators plated four in the seventh to record the walk-off win.

Game #3

Maple View Variety 18, Gators 10

Leading hitters, highlights:

Maple View – Brad Wencel 4-4, Randy Miller 3-3, Mike Wencel 2 HR, Abe Epp HR, Ryan Miller HR, Ryan Black HR.

Gators – Scott Carruthers 3-4, Darryl Vadendriessche 3-4, Tyler Phillips HR.

Abe Epp, Ryan Black and Mike Wencel led the winners with three RBI.

Game #4

Maple View Variety 21, Gators 11

Leading hitters, highlights:

Maple View – Iak Baker 3-4, Kevin Johnson 3-4, Mike Wencel 3 HR, Abe Epp HR, Ryan Miller HR.

Gators – Darryl Baswick 3-4, Dave Hodges HR.

Ryan Miller and Mike Wencel homered in the winners’ 10-run bat-around seventh.

Haines Roofing won two straight last week to even their semi-final series with I.C. Waters and force a fifth and deciding game. Haines broke up a close game in Game #3 with a four-run fourth. Game #4 was no contest as Haines’ started with a seven-run first and led the entire way.

Game #3

Haines Roofing 13, I.C. Waters 9

Leading hitters, highlights:

Haines – Martin Klassen 3-3, Andrew Jacko 3-3 HR, Phil Durham HR, Dave Phillips HR, Craig Smith HR, Shawn Finch HR.

IC – Mike Shewan 3-3 2 HR, Tim Miners 2-3, Darren Cadotte HR, Steve Voth 2 HR.

Shawn Finch, Dave Phillips and Andrew Jacko each homered and doubled for the winners.

Game #4

Haines Roofing 25-, I.C. Waters 12

Leading hitters, highlights:

Haines – Phil Durham 2-2 HR, Andrew Jacko 4-4, Dave Phillips HR, Shawn Finch 2 HR, Jake Klassen HR.

I.C. – Shawn Crane 3-4, Jeff Cadotte 2-3, Steve Leacock HR, Mike Shewan HR.

Shawn Finch and Phil Durham each homered twice for Haines.

Men’s B Division

The semi-final between Kirwin & Oatman and Big Bass Brawlers will go to a fifth and deciding game. Both teams won last week to force the final showdown. Kirwin & Oatman took over Game #3 in the middle innings to win by three. Big Bass Brawlers staved off elimination Friday night, winning by three in a more low-scoring game.

Game #3

Kirwin & Oatman 16, Big Bass Brawlers 13

Leading hitters, highlights:

K&O – Brad Slade 3-3, Thom Puhr 3-3 HR, Cheyne Sarafinchin HR, Marty Hawel HR, Jordan Rooke HR.

BBB – Rob Derks 3-3, Brent Schooley 3-4, Sean Guardhouse HR, Bob Evans HR, Joe Stone HR.

Jordan Rooke’s three-run homer in the sixth ended up being the decider for Kirwin & Oatman.

Game #4

Big Bass Brawlers 6, Kirwin & Oatman 3

Leading hitters, highlights:

BBB – Shaine Hall 2-3, Jason Nesbitt 2-3.

K&O – Steve Smith 4-4, Jason Godby 2-4.

Rick Pihokker had a leadoff double in the winners’ three-run third.

Hollister KIA Kekambas easily won Game #2 by 12 and took a one-game series lead in an exciting eight-inning victory in Game #3 over DeGroote-Hill. They squandered an 11-run lead but came back to win despite playing with only nine.

Game #2

Hollister KIA Kekambas 24- DeGroote-Hill 12

Leading hitters, highlights:

KIA – Evan Prouse 4-5, Cody Furlong 4-4, Benson Howey 2 HR, Chad Barclay HR, Travis Horvath 2 HR, Kyle Hollister HR.

D-H – Trevor Fleet 4-4, Scott Mudford 3-4.

The Kekambas went yard six times which accounted for 13 of their runs.

Game #3

Hollister KIA Kekambas 15, DeGroote-Hill 14

Leading hitters, highlights:

KIA – Chad Barclay 4-5 GSLAM, Jeremy Weiss 4-5, Kyle Hollister HR.

D-H – Dave Weaver 3-4 HR, Mike Schmeltz 3-4, Doug Falkins HR, Adam Goodlett HR.

Jeremy Weiss was the game’s hero as he drove in KIA’s winning run in the eighth.

Men’s C Division

Cain’s Pelicans have a commanding 2-0 series lead in their best-of-seven set with Hit N Run. Cain’s broke up a tie game in the fourth with a seven-run rally. They put back-to-back seven-run innings together en route to victory in Game #2.

Game #1

Cain’s Pelicans 15, Hit N Run 7

Leading hitters, highlights:

Cain’s - Nick Wilson 3-3 HR, Mike Robinson 2-3, Adam Jensen 2 HR, Cory Smith HR.

HNR – Diedrich Klassen 3-3 HR, Herman Enns 3-3 HR, Henry Klassen HR.

Andrew Dawson had a two-run triple in Cain’s seven-run fourth.

Game #2

Cain’s Pelicans 23, Hit N Run 14

Leading hitters, highlights:

Cain’s – Tyler Danbrook 4-5, Adam Jensen 4-5 HR, Andrew Kamenar 2 HR, Mike Kamenar HR.

HNR – Diedrich Klassen 3-3, Jake Enns 3-4, Johnny Klassen HR.

Cain’s put this one away with two bat-around innings. Andrew Kamenar homered and doubled over the two innings.



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