'A panting mutt in heat?'

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So glad I live in Canada.

I know living here is in no way complete protection from all the bad stuff that goes on in the world but we are somewhat insulated from a lot of it. There is always some bad guy out there trying to gain total control and power even if is against his own people.

Power and control can be very addictive. And so can fame and money.

Last week I listened to a one-hour panel discussion on CNN. In that hour they debated whether the States should go into Syria, blow them all up or just toss in some warning volleys, find allies to help them or go it alone, or maybe even mind their own business. It was a heated exchange and no one could agree on anything. Important stuff.

Then they talked about Pope Francis’ statement on tolerance of gays and lesbians and not being judgmental, how he would not allow women to be ordained but wants them take a more forceful, decisive and prominent role in the church. The pundits weighed each word for content and intent.

Interesting stuff.

The discussion also included whether to trust the Russians or the Iranians who were both offering to help the U.S. in some way over issues in the world. The panel doesn’t trust anyone including their own so who knows?

Provocative stuff.

The most intense topic of discussion and the one that took the most time were the actions of Miley Cyrus on some awards show. Now that in itself was scary since these were all highly-rated journalists taking on the morals of some 20-year-old more passionately than a possible war or the possible reformation of the Catholic Church.

Fascinating stuff.

I don’t know if the States should blow up Syria, alone or with other nations, with or without congressional or UN approval. I just wonder how effective they can be on so many fronts at on time. Can you trust Putin or the Iranian president? Who knows? But they don’t likely trust the Americans much either so it’s kind of like equal, right? The motives may be the more defining question.

This pope is much loved already just because he literally walks among the people who see him more as a shepherd and not the owner of the flock. He lives a simple life in a room among the staff and not in the private luxury of the usual Vatican chambers. He loves everyone and is understanding of all our faults. I think his time as the head of the church will be like opening a window on a stuffy room to let in fresh, cool breezes. He will not change the church, throwing out the old and bringing in the new but instead, revive it, clean it up some, ventilate and tidy it up making it more welcoming to all.

I know we have our Justin Beiber behaving badly but Miley, Miley, Miley. We all agree you have outgrown your Hannah Montana character but does parading around in your underwear show you have grown up? Is being mature expressed by simulating sex acts with a foam hand in public?

I always thought sticking your tongue out was childish behaviour not something that proves you are coming of age. Or was she actually trying to give the impression of a panting mutt in heat? That would be very adult, right? Does portraying yourself as a sexual object, a stripper-hooker, a female dog make you feel grown up?

Well, girl, you have got a long way to go before you reach adulthood, which is more to do with being a responsible, contributing, confident, compassionate member of society. She is a good actress and a good singer but this behaviour is definitely not art.

But I’ve got to say, it was a penetrating, thoughtful, dubious and foolish hour.




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