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Sunday, September 15


Springfield Baptist Church

Church began with a warm welcome from Bill and Betty Horne. Adult Sunday School delved into a study in biblical anthropology. We hope you will join us Sundays at 9:45 a.m. as we focus on what the bible reveals about humans, including our creation, our present fallen state, and our redemption.

As we celebrated Heritage Sunday, we remembered God's faithfulness to us over the past 126 years.  Pastor Kevin Rutledge, our special speaker, opened with an explanation of heritage.  He defined it as something valuable to preserve and to pass on to future generations.  We then opened our bibles to Luke 9:10-17 to learn what the inheritance and legacy should be.

The apostles were essentially students in the school of Jesus.  He wanted to leave a legacy and for His ministry to continue in His absence.  Jesus was preparing them for service by empowering them and commissioning them to heal and teach and go about His work.  In doing so, He taught them to rely on Him completely.  Their success, and our success, in ministry is dependent on our reliance on Jesus.  As a church we may seek the right techniques, technology, or mixture of factors for success, but ultimately it is all about Jesus being at the core of ministry. 

Our accomplishments initially might be intoxicating if we see it as our own results and not God's. The disciples had a bit of this swagger following the results of Luke 9:1-9, and Jesus went on, in Luke 9:10-17, to show them they still had much to learn. 

Jesus tells His disciples to feed the followers.  He asks an impossibility and their response shows they are still in training.  They immediately look to their own ability to make provisions, when they should look to the Maker for help.  They needed to learn the lesson in dependency and be reminded that they are not alone.  God's people inherited the disciples' ministry and are called to represent Jesus and continue His work.  We are called to accomplish what sometimes seems like an impossibility: to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19).  It seems like an impossibility because we fail to keep reading.  Matthew 28:20 tells us that "surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” 

We are not to attempt this work outside of Jesus' empowerment by the Holy Spirit.  This is shown clearly on the Day of Pentecost when after being equipped by the Holy Spirit, the disciples were emboldened to preach the gospel and God's plan of salvation and as a result, many came to Christ.

When we are overcome by impossibility, we should recognize that we need help and call on God.  Luke 9:10-17 tells us the steps we need to take.  First, we need to take stock of our assets.  In the passage from Luke, they had five loaves and two fishes.  We should not look at what we don't have, but rather consider what we do have - do we have a van, the ability to sew, play the guitar, penchant for organization, an affinity for children? 

We may not see the connection, but we need to first determine what we have before we ask the question, "what can God do with that?" Once we've taken stock, we need to offer what we have to Jesus.  Even if we see it as so insignificant or the need so big, we need to entrust those little things to Jesus.  He loves to use the little things. 

When the situation seems impossible and the resources insufficient, He will do miraculous things and the credit is His alone, no swagger on our part. 

God's blessings have been on our congregation and we can look to the past with view toward the future.  We must pass the torch to the next generation, the current school of Jesus.  We must keep His mission at the heart of our purpose and pass on the heritage of faithfulness.  In closing, Pastor Rutledge encouraged all of us at SBC to trust God to do big things.

Avondale United Church

The congregation at Avondale met at 10:30 a.m. for worship last Sunday.  Ben Peever lit the Christ candle.  Lay Reader Diane Burgess welcomed everyone and gave the announcements. 

Some new windows will be going in this week in the First Steps area.  A challenge was issued to bring more grandchildren out with you to take part in Kids Connection.  Bill More holds the record at present with four.  Please pray for peace and support the Syria Refugee Emergency Appeal if you can.

The scripture read was taken from Luke 15 the parable of the Lost Sheep and the parable of the Lost Coin.  The message for the day was Lost and Found.  If you have every lost anything important, you will know how urgent it is to find it and the rejoicing after it is found.  Jesus was sent into the world to find the lost.  It is up to each of us to help and everyone is precious to God.  Let's do our part.  The choir's anthem was Save a Sinner's Soul.

Some of the songs sung during worship were Immortal, Invisible, God Only wise, Let us Build a House, O God How We Have Wandered and Amazing Grace.

You are welcome to join us Sunday for worship at 10:30 a.m.  The scripture will be Luke 16:1-13, Making Your Money Work for You.  Come earlier at 10 a.m. for a coffee and visit.

St. Paul’s Port Burwell/Vienna United Church

The congregation met at 11 a.m. with Rev. Cordell Parsons leading the service.

The service opened with the minister welcoming the congregation and leading all in prayer.

Music was provided by Frances Martenkevicius.

The first hymn was called Come Let Us Sing of a Wonderful Love.

There was a call to worship led by Rev. Parsons and responded to by the congregation.

The minister led the congregation in an opening prayer.

The next hymn was Oh God How We Have Wandered.

There was a time of passing the peace amongst the congregation followed by a sung response called Let there be peace on earth.

The Lord’s Prayer was sung by the congregation.

The scripture reading was taken from Luke chapter 15:1-10 in which Jesus was meeting with people and sharing food with them and the Pharisees and teachers of the law began complaining that Jesus welcomed outcasts and ate with them. 

Jesus told the Pharisees the parable of the lost sheep and how the shepherd left the other 99 sheep to hunt and recover the one sheep that was lost.  He also told the Pharisees there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 respectable people who do not need to repent.

The next hymn was Amazing Grace after which the minister led the congregation in prayer.

The final hymn was I the Lord of Sea and Sky.

The congregation was led in prayer followed by the final vesper called You Shall Go Out with Joy.

Next Sunday service will be in Straffordville at 9:30 a.m. and at Port Burwell at 11 a.m. We invite everyone to attend and worship at either service.

Langton Baptist Church

Guest speaker Bret Maukonen opened the church service at 11 a.m.

His message was on ‘I imagine the church as a building. One expression is, we say ‘Good day’ even if it isn’t a good day. Another expression is ‘I’m going to church.’ The church is God’s temple. We are living stone built on the foundation with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone. Stay true to the church to be a follower of the church.’ Prayer followed.

The children’s story was on ‘Demonstrating with your giners, this is the church, this is the steeple, open the doors and these are the people.’

Hymns sung, were: Thou Art Worthy, Come We That Love The Lord, and The Church’s Foundation with Dalton Morris controlling the sound system.

Scripture readings were Ephesians 2:13-22; and 1Peter 2:4-6.

Prayers of supplication and praise were given by Bret Maukonen.

Offering was received by Marilyn Hammond and Barbra Sinnesael.




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