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Two Cents Worth

The US Open is a long drawn out event and it has been televised every day for what seems like weeks. It’s the kind of sport you either love or you don’t. A friend says it’s the most boring sport on earth – second only to golf. I love to watch but even I am getting a little burned out. I think I will wait for the finals to resume my viewing.

So I am not going to talk about tennis. Let’s talk fashion - tennis fashion to be exact. The guys used to wear cute little white shorts and shirts and the girls cute little white skirts and tops. It was all very elite. Soon we saw a bit of blue, yellow or red just on the collars and maybe on the hem of the skirts. The guys might have a strip of colour running down the side of the shorts. They were really bending the unspoken tennis rules.

As we all know, once you give ‘em an inch they take a mile. They got away with a little so another little was applied and then another little until we now have fuschia, lime green, grape coloured shirts, shorts and skirts.  Quite scandalous. We have now delightfully sunk to the level of designer duds with colour blocking, cut outs, graphics, stripes, spaghetti straps and frilly skirts.

Not a problem really except the boundaries will continue to be pushed, at least by the girls so we are seeing a lot of bra straps, nipples and cleavage bounding all over the place.

Just about everyone and their grandmother has a clothing line and the Williams sisters are no exception. They are built the totally opposite from each other so they must have something for every size. But would you want clothing designed by someone who goes on the world stage with the back of her bra showing and the tag hanging out? Shouldn’t these things be accounted for when designing sexy, colourful outfits for tennis? Isn’t there someone in her entourage who could check these things before she walks out in front of the cameras? Come on Serena you can do better.

And who dresses Roger Federer? Are they colour blind or did they lose his luggage and he had to borrow from someone else? He must realize he is playing in front of the world so his outfit should at least match or go together.

Didn’t head bands go out in the ‘80s? There must be a new and improved sweat band available without resorting to the 1984 rolled up neck scarf both Federer and Rafal Nadal wear. At least they could try to harmonize the head band with their clothes.

It was nice to see the old guy getting in some winning matches against the young up and comers. But at 30 something Mr. Hewitt should have outgrown wearing his hat backwards. Take notice that the other 30 something who beat him didn’t wear a hat at all.

So if you don’t like tennis just check in once in a while to see what the players are wearing. Fashion critique can be an entertaining sport on its own.


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