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Voice of Slo-Pitch

The playoffs are well underway in both Tillsonburg slo-pitch leagues as August comes to a close!

The Men’s C second round will commence this week.

Please note: All team reps please hand in scoresheets punctually so we can keep scheduling up to date. Hand it in right after your game, or at the latest the very next day. Thanks!

Ladies A

Eichenberg’s and Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s each won a pair last week in their series with Jays and Orange Crush respectively.

Eichenberg won by nine in their opener and eight in the second game. Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s won by seven and then by five.

Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s 9, Orange Crush 2

Game 1

Great Lakes – Corey’s: Shannon Ewing 3-3, Kasey McKenzie 3-3

Orange Crush: TJ Balazs 3-3, Kat Peter 2-3

Shannon Ewing doubled and scored two runs for the winners.

Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s 12, Orange Crush 7

Game 2

Great Lakes – Corey’s: Jessica Anseeuw 4-4, Tracey Pressey 3-4

Orange Crush: Tammie Lisabeth 3-4, Tara Foster 3-4

Jessica Anseeuw had a pair of doubles and scored three runs for Great Lakes – Corey’s.

Eichenberg’s 15, Jays 6

Game 1

Eichenberg’s: Kim Harrop 4-4, Becky Ford 3-3, Tamarah Schultz 2 HRs, Lauren Duffy HR

Jays: Amy Beattie 3-4, Nikki Shewan 3-4, Mary Froese HR

Tamarah Schultz homered, tripled and drove in four for Eichenberg.

Eichenberg’s 13, Jays 5

Game 2

Eichenberg’s: Kelly Spencer 3-4, Lauren Duffy 3-4

Jays: Shirley Moore 2-3, Kristen Cadotte 2-3

Lauren Duffy led the winners with a pair of triples.

Ladies B

EMI Steelerz mercied Challengers in the opener of their best-of-three series.

Ritchie’s Ice Cream and BBQ swept Hollister KIA winning both games by four.

ServiceMaster took Game 1 against Focus defeating them 14-10. Focus bounced back in a come-from-behind win in Game 2.

Ritchie’s Ice Cream & BBQ 17, Hollister KIA 13

Game 1

Ritchie’s: Lindsay Warboys 4-4, Sue Deschemaeker 4-4

Hollister KIA: Megan Bye 2-3, Melissa Johnston 2-3

Ritchie’s put this away with a six-run sixth.

Ritchie’s Ice Cream & BBQ 8, Hollister KIA 4

Game 2

Ritchie’s: Ali Vankerrebroek 3-3, Steph Menich 3-4

Hollister KIA: Tammy Lolone 2-3, Mandy Kromplak 2-3

Randi Williams scored two runs for the winners.

EMI Steelerz 16, Challengers 1

Game 1

EMI: Julaine Vandenbrink 4-4, Sara Sparzynski 3-3

Challengers: Trudy Froese 2-2, Susie Klassen 2-2

Sarah Sparzynski and Eddie Casler scored three runs for EMI.

ServiceMaster 14, Focus 10

Game 1

ServiceMaster: Cheryl McDowell 3-4, Kayla Bond 3-4

Focus: Bernita Jordan 3-4, Amanda Friesen 3-3

Kayla Bond had a pair of doubles and Becky Dancy a triple for ServiceMaster.

Focus 13, ServiceMaster 9

Game 2

Focus: Kitty Grant 4-5, Cheryl Wilson 4-4

ServiceMaster: Becky Abbott 4-4, Becky Dancy 3-4

Nicole Sanderson and Steph Belanger each doubled late in the game as Focus scored nine runs over their last two at-bats in a come from behind win.

Ladies C

Hericanes are one game away from sweeping Cardio Plus.

Outcasts surprised Scared Hitless in their lid lifter beating them by seven. Scared Hitless bounced back with a mercy in five.

Hericanes 13, Cardio Plus 12

Game 1

Hericanes: Mandy Curren 3-4, Melissa Mabee 4-4

Cardio Plus: Carly Matos 4-4, Heather Simmonds 3-4

Hericanes plated six in the seventh with Melissa Mabee delivering the walkoff base hit.

Hericanes 16, Cardio Plus 9

Game 2

Hericanes: Erin Thompson 2-2, Meghan Leathong 3-4

Cardio Plus: Carly Matos 3-4, Amber Way 3-4

Seven of Hericanes’ batters scored two runs.

Outcasts 22, Scared Hitless 15

Game 1

Outcasts: Monica Barnes 4-4, Tiffany Rokeby 4-5, Trisha DeLoose HR

Scared Hitless: Cheryl Johnson 3-3, Mandi Howe 3-3 2 HRs

Trisha DeLoose hit for the cycle while driving in nine for Outcasts.

Scared Hitless 19, Outcasts 2

Game 2

Scared Hitless: Renee Lachapelle 2-2, Sandy Salverda 2-2

Outcasts: Amber Woolgar 2-3, Steph Miller 2-2

Mandi Howe had a triple and a double for Scared Hitless.

Ladies A

Best-of-Five Series

Eichenberg lead Jays 2-0

Great Lakes – Corey’s lead Orange Crush 2-0

Ladies B

Best-of-Three Series

Ritchie’s Ice Cream defeats Hollister KIA 2-0

ServiceMaster & Focus tied 1-1

Ladies C

Best-of-Five Series

Scared Hitless & Outcasts tied 1-1

Hericanes defeat Cardio Plus 2-0

Mens’ A

First place Haines Roofing had an easy time with Robert Q Travel mercying them in five. Robert Q tied the series on Thursday night.

Maple View Variety D-Backs won a low-scoring, close 5-3 game over Vector Blue Jays in Game 1.

Gators came from behind to defeat Roosters 13-11 in their series opener.

Gators 13, Roosters 11

Game 1

Gators: Darryl Vandendriessche 3-4 HR, Jon Nunn 3-4 HR, Steve Ghesquiere HR, Dave Hodges HR

Roosters: John Hall 3-3, Jared Pettman 2-3, Andrew Burns HR, Derek Buchner HR

Dave Hodges won it with a two-out two-run homer in the sixth for Gators.

Haines Roofing 20, Robert Q Travel 3

Game 1

Haines: Steve Byron 3-3, Martin Klassen 3-3 HR, Phil Durham HR, Jake Klassen HR

Robert Q Travel: Nick Nagy 2-3, Clayt Stubbs 2-3, Logan Kloet HR

Martin Klassen homered twice and doubled for Haines Roofing.

Maple View Variety 5, Vector Blue Jays 3

Game 1

Maple View Variety: Abe Epp 2-3, Randy Miller 2-3, Brad Wencel HR

Vector: Steve Balazs 3-3, Darren Swick 2-3

Maple View won it with a four-run fourth.

Men’s B

DeGroote-Hill is one win away from a sweep of Ontario Laser Spartans. They mercied the Spartans in Game 1 and came from behind to take the second game 29-17.

Kirwin and Oatman won by two over Corey’s Restaurant in come from behind fashion.

Big Bass Brawlers beat a short-handed Domino’s Hounds squad by six.

Kirwin Oatman 16, Corey’s Restaurant 14

Game 1

Kirwin Oatman: Jason Godby 2-2 HR, Darryl Whittington 3-4, Marty Hawel 2 HRs, Thom Puhr HR

Corey’s: Cody Vandomele 3-4, Matt Malott 3-4, Steve Wesseling HR, Don Schinkel HR, Jason Vandomele HR

Jordy Thompson had a two-run triple in the winners’ three-run sixth.

DeGroote-Hill 21, Ontario Laser Spartans 3

Game 1

DeGroote-Hill: Scott Mudford 3-3, Dave Weaver 3-3

Ontario Laser: J. Dyck 3-3, Martin Klassen HR

Scott Mudford had a double and triple, and Mark Vanderhaeghe added a pair of doubles for DeGroote-Hill.

DeGroote-Hill 29, Ontario Laser Spartans 17

Game 2

DeGroote-Hill: Mark Vanderhaeghe 5-5, Bob Long 5-5, Jim Long HR, Scott Mudford HR

Ontario Laser: Abe Dyck 3-3, Martin Klassen 3-4, Jake Dyck 2 HRs, Abe Krahn HR, Pete Krahn HR

DeGroote-Hill plated 15 over their last two at-bats.

Big Bass Brawlers 19, Domino’s Hounds 13

Game 1

Big Bass: Shaine Hall 3-3, Jason Nesbitt 3-3, Sean Guardhouse HR, Ross Groat HR, Steve Derks HR

Domino’s: Jim McKillen 3-4, Evan Juszku 3-4, Nick Barnim HR

Sean Guardhouse and Ross Groat each hit three-run homers for Big Bass Brawlers.

Men’s C

All four series ended in sweeps. Cain’s Pelicans were pushed by Stickmen in their series-clinching win in walkoff fashion.

Hit N Run won in eight innings to take the opener, but mercied John Beere in the final two.

Delhi Dodgers finished off their series with Destroyers in convincing fashion, beating them 31-13.

Broadway Lanes Bears finished off their series with Carmeuse Lime on Thursday night.

Hit N Run 19, John Beere 18

Game 1

Hit N Run: Diedrich Klassen 4-5 HR, Johnny Klassen 4-5 HR, Jake Enns 3 HRs

John Beere: Shawn Elliott 5-5, Jesse Anderson 4-5, Kevin Stuyt HR

Peter Enns had the walkoff hit in Hit N Run’s eighth.

Hit N Run 20, John Beere 0

Game 2

Hit N Run: Henry Klassen 4-4, Herman Enns 3-4, David Enns HR

John Beere: Shawn Mathews 1-2, Kalvin Smith 1-2

Hit N Run’s pitching only allowed two base-runners in a five-inning mercy.

Hit N Run 23, John Beere 3

Game 3

Hit N Run: Herman Enns 4-4, Diedrich Klassen 4-4

John Beere: Chris Fisher 3-3, Kevin Stuyt 3-3

Henry Klassen drove in four for the winners.

Delhi Dodgers 31, Destroyers 13

Game 3

Delhi Dodgers: Marty Macdonald 5-5, Bill Chesney 5-5

Destroyers: Kevin Alward 4-4, Sean Hanley 3-3

Kenny Mahler, Nate Moyaert and Marty Macdonald each scored three runs for Delhi.

Cain’s Pelicans 13, Stickmen 12

Game 3

Cain’s: Adam Jensen 3-4 HR

Stickmen: Shawn Ryserse 4-4, David Phipps 3-4

Adam Jensen won it for Cain’s with a two-run walkoff homer against the nine-men Stickmen.



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