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Kids will be seen, heard and prioritized at the next Cooking Without The Box event Monday, August 19 in Tillsonburg’s St. Paul’s Church basement.

The family unit will again be the focus in the

ongoing series of healthy, local food preparation seminars for those on social assistance or with a limited budget, but this time, kids’ priorities are definitely at the top of the menu.

“It’s all directed at the kids,” said Tillsonburg Resource Network member Cathy Gilvesy. “What kids like to eat and what kids can prepare for themselves.

“Healthy, fresh snacks they can prepare for themselves, under parental supervision.”

Chef Tracy Winkworth will once again be contributing her considerable expertise to the effort, and this time, her list of sous chefs will include students from her cooking school.

Apart from bringing along considerable energy and enthusiasm, they have closer chronological proximity, positive peer influence which Gilvesy sees as a definite plus.

“Kids would probably prefer learning from other kids.”

Winkworth tailors her delivery to appropriate materials, potentially sourced in part from a food bank, or produced and available locally.

“Tracy will teach them six things to do with a pepper and they won’t have to turn the stove on,” said Gilvesy.

The event is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. and run through to 1:30 p.m. (There will also be a ‘Canning Without The Box seminar coming this fall). Free babysitting will be provided for those too young to participate. Those interested in participating Monday, August 19 are asked to confirm in advance by contacting Donna Acre at 519-842-4447 or Chris VanLandschoot at or 519-842-9000 ext. 303.

“It will be fun,” Gilvesy predicted. “What kid doesn’t like to get in and muck around and do something?

“And once again, the families are doing something together.”

Beyond the short-term positives, Gilvesy looks at the event as a longer-term nutritional investment. By simple math, those who start younger have longer to benefit, and potentially share their knowledge with those around them.

“Sure, we can teach adults and we’ve had some great students. But to me, it’s all about the kids. The enthusiasm that comes out of them is just overwhelming.”




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