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Well everyone made it through last week's heat wave unscathed. Hopefully this week's weather will make for more comfortable playing conditions.

Men's A

Maple View Variety stopped a hot Haines Roofing squad with a four-run win. They then dropped one to Roosters who came from behind to win.

Vector had to score late to pull off a slim victory over Robert Travel. Vector had an easier time with IC Waters.

Gators also beat IC Waters last week.

Roosters 22, Maple View Variety 17

Roosters: Kyle Mauthe 4-4, Curtis Neable 4-4 2 HRs, Greg Buchner HR, Mark Hamulecki HR, Derek Buchner HR, Andrew Burns HR

Maple View: Jeff Pace 2-2, Ryan Black 3-4, Ryan Miller 3 HRs, Mike Wencel 2 HRs,

Roosters plated seven seventh-inning runs in the come-from-behind win.

Maple View Variety 21, Haines Roofing 17

Maple View: Abe Epp 4-5, Ryan Black 5-5 3 HRs, Ryan Miller 2 HRs, Randy Miller 2 HRs

Haines Roofing: Steve Byron 3-4, Dave Phillips 4-4 HR, Martin Klassen HR, AJ Martin HR, Andrew Jacko HR, Phil Durham HR, Jake Klassen HR

Ryan Black, with three home runs, and Randy Miller, with a pair of three-run homers, led Maple View Variety.

Vector Blue Jays 30, IC Waters 14

Vector: Chris VanParys 6-6, Chad Lofthouse 7-7 2 HR, Darren Swick HR, Blair Davidson HR

IC Waters: Chris Sanders 3-4, Rob Down 4-5, Steve Voth HR

Vector piled up the runs in a nine-on-nine battle with IC Waters. Chad Lofthouse homered, doubled, and hit five singles for Vector.

Vector Blue Jays 16, Robert Q Travel 14

Vector: Eric Lockey 4-4, Tyler Lamb 3-4, Chad Lofthouse HR

Robert Q: Matt Bilger 3-3, Logan Kloet 4-4, Robert Nant HR

Chad Lofthouse won it for Vector with a three-run seventh-inning homer.

Gators 15, IC Waters 6

Gators: Kieran Taylor 3-3, Darryl Baswick 2-2

IC Waters: Shawn Crane 3-4, Mike Shewan 2-2, Steve Leacock HR

Tyler Phillips led the winners with a pair of triples and a double for Gators.

Men’s B

Corey’s Restaurant knocked off DeGroote-Hill despite playing with only nine players. They also had a 10-run win over Ontario Laser Spartans.

Kirwin and Oatman mercied GC Lounsbury to remain in the Top 2.

Hollister KIA won a pair last week including a victory over Corey’s despite fielding only eight.

Big Bass Brawlers beat KIA, as did DeGroote-Hill. Domino’s Hounds grabbed the other division victory.

Kirwin and Oatman 23, GC Lounsbury 8

Kirwin Oatman: Rob Smith 3-3, Cheyne Sarafinchin 4-4, Jason Godby HR, Joe Fansher HR, Marty Hawel HR

GC Lounsbury: Kyle Mudford 2-2, Justin Miller 3-3, Mike Vanwynsberghe HR

Kirwin and Oatman plated seven in the third and fifth innings.

Corey’s 18, Ontario Laser Spartans 8

Corey’s: Mike Mesquita 3-4, Steve Wesseling 3-4

Ontario Laser: Pete Dyck 3-4, Pete Friesen 3-4

Jason Vandommele scored three runs for Corey’s.

Big Bass Brawlers 16, Hollister KIA 14

Big Brass Brawlers: Steve Derks 3-4, Ryan Hambleton 3-3, Ross Groat HR, Joe Stone HR

Hollister: Kyle Hollister 3-4 2 HRs, Travis Horvath HR, Kyle Smith HR

Bass Brawlers plated six in their last at-bat. Joe Stone’s three-run homer was the key blow.

Hollister KIA 17, Corey’s 15

Hollister: Benson Howey 4-4, Chad Barclay 5-5

Corey’s: Jason Vandommele 4-5, Matt Mallott 4-5 HR, Scott Beattie HR

Kyle Smith doubled and scored four runs for the eight-man KIA squad.

Hollister KIA 24, GC Lounsbury 18

Hollister: Steve Demeter 4-5, Chad Barclay 4-5, Kyle Hollister 2 HRs, Justin Robertson HR

GC Lounsbury: Colin McDonald 3-3, Trevor Stuyt 2-2, Rob Vandemaele HR

Hollister KIA plated 10 in a bat-around seventh.

Domino’s 10, Ontario Laser 7

Domino’s Hounds: Shane Bouck 3-5, Joel Prouse 2-4

Ontario Laser Spartans: Corny Krahn 4-4, Jake Friesen 3-4

Domino’s plated six in the sixth to overtake the Spartans.

Corey’s 13, DeGroote-Hill 7

Corey’s: Chad Hyatt 4-4 HR, Dave Goncalves 3-5

DeGroote-Hill: John Nichols 2-3, Paul Nicholson 2-3

Chad Hyatt and Scott Beattie scored three runs for Corey’s.

DeGroote-Hill 24, Hollister KIA 17

DeGroote-Hill: Mark Vanderhaeghe 4-4, Paul Nicholson 3-4

Hollister KIA: Justin Robertson 3-3, Benson Howey 3-4, Travis Horvath HR

DeGroote-Hill plated eight in their last at-bat. Dave Weaver celebrated his last night of being 54 by hitting a two-run triple in the rally.

Men’s C

Destroyers won by a pair last week beating Stickmen by eight and Delhi Dodgers by one.

Cain’s Pelicans had little trouble in defeating Carmeuse Lime and John Beere.

Hit N Run and Broadway Lanes Bears continue to battle it out for first with Cain’s after each won once last week.

Stickmen grabbed the other C win.

Destroyers 19, Stickmen 11

Destroyers: Kevin Alward 5-5, Jesse Temple 4-5 2 HRs, Kyle Mayo HR (grand slam)

Stickmen: Chris White 2-4, Jamie Neville 2-3, Dave Phillips HR

Kyle Mayo had a grand slam and drove in seven for Destroyers.

Broadway Lanes 10, Carmeuse Lime 6

Broadway Lanes Bears: Derrick Harnish 3-4, Brent O’Brien 2-3

Carmeuse: Chad Vigar 2-3, Connor Smith 2-3

RJ Peters crossed twice for the winners.

Hit N Run 28, Stickmen 14

Hit N Run: Johnny Klassen 4-5 HR, Johnny Epp 4-4 3 HRs, Paul Reimer HR, Martin Epp HR, Diedrich Klassen HR

Stickmen: Dylan Graydon 3-4 HR, Dave Phipps 4-4 2 HRs

Johnny Epp homered three times and drove in seven for Hit N Run.

Destroyers 14, Delhi Dodgers 13

Destroyers: Kevin Alward 4-5 HR, Dave Lockstein 3-4 HR, Troy Temple HR

Delhi: Kurt Pettitt 3-4, Craig Franklin 2-3, Mary Macdonald HR, Garrett Roelens HR

Jesse Temple doubled in Destroyers’ winning run in the seventh.

Cain’s Pelicans 15, Carmeuse Lime 5

Cain’s: Cory Smith 4-4, Dave Kamenar 3-4, Adam Jensen 2 HRs, Andrew Dawson HR, Mike Robinson HR

Carmeuse: Ryan Bruckler 4-4, Gus Ford 3-3

Adam Jensen led Cain’s with a pair of homers.

Stickmen 16, John Beere 9

Stickmen: Chris White 4-4, Dylan Graydon 3-4

John Beere: Chris Fisher 2-2, Shawn Elliott 3-4, Kevin Stuyt HR

Stickmen capitalized on four base-on-balls scoring eight in the seventh.

Cain’s Pelicans 23, John Beere 8

Cain’s: Adam Jensen 4-4, Nick Wilson 2-2

John Beere: Shawn Elliott 3-4, Shawn Sivyer 2-3, Kevin Stuyt 2 HRs

Six of Cain’s 10 batters scored three runs.

Ladies A

Eichenberg had easy victories last week shutting out Ritchie’s Ice Cream & BBQ and mercying Cardio Plus.

The frontrunner, Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s won two by forfeit and one over Jays.

EMI Steelerz beat Jays by 14, and Jays won by 10 over Outcasts. Orange Crush also beat Outcasts, then won a low-scoring affair with Scared Hitless.

ServiceMaster and Ritchie’s Ice Cream picked up the other victories.

Eichenberg 8, Ritchie’s Ice Cream 0

Eichenberg’s: Lauren Duffy 3-3, Kathy Vanderven 2-3

Ritchie’s: Lindsay Warboys 2-3, Ashley Aker 1-3

Lauren Duffy and Kim Harrop each had a triple and double for Eichenberg.

Orange Crush 4, Scared Hitless 1

Orange Crush: Tara Foster 3-3, Tammie Lisabeth 3-3

Scared Hitless: Mona Desmarchais 3-3, Jen Millen 3-3

Orange Crush scored three in the first and that was all they needed.

Orange Crush 17, Outcasts 1

Orange Crush: Stacey Lauwerier 4-4, TJ Balazs 4-4

Outcasts: Trisha DeLoose 2-3, Stephanie Miller 2-3

Orange Crush’s Chrissy Barnard and Stacey Lauwerier each scored four runs.

Great Lakes – Corey’s 15, Jays 1

Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s Restaurant: Shannon Ewing 3-3, Kim King 3-3

Jays: Amy Beattie 2-3, Nicki Shewan 1-2

Jays first baseman Shirley Moore made a great snag off a line drive.

EMI Steelerz 18, Jays 4

EMI: Jordan Coderre 5-5, Amber Myers 4-4

Jays: Kristen Cadotte 3-3, Sarah Lowen 2-3

EMI’s Kim Wood and Jordan Coderre each scored four runs.

ServiceMaster 21, Cardio Plus 5

ServiceMaster: Kayla Bond 5-5, Becky Dancy 4-4, Tracy VanParys HR (grand slam)

Cardio Plus: Briane Clark 3-3, Krystal Sivyer 3-3

Tracy VanParys hit for the cycle for ServiceMaster.

Ladies B

Focus came from behind to edge out A’s ServiceMaster.

Challengers beat Outcasts by four.

Focus 12, ServiceMaster 11

Focus: Tracy Kyle 4-4, Steph Belanger 4-4

ServiceMaster: Diane Hall 3-3, Sara Reddecopp 4-4

Tracy Kyle scored Focus’ winning run in the seventh.

Challengers 26, Outcasts 10

Challengers: Aggie Dyck 4-4, Tina Wall 4-5, Tina Enns HR

Outcasts: Tiffany Rokeby 3-3, Monica Barnes 4-4

Neta Klassen drove in six for Challengers.

Jays 14, Outcasts 4

Jays: Amy Beattie 4-4, Kristen Cadotte 3-4

Outcasts: Amber Woolgar 3-4, Steph Miller 3-4

Nicki Dawson had a pair of doubles and scored two runs for Jays.

Eichenberg’s 23, Cardio Plus 3

Eichenberg: Tamarah Schultz 5-5, Nancy Hiebert 5-5

Cardio Plus: Krystal Sivyer 2-3, Pat Sivyer 2-2

Kate Hahn and Tamarah Schultz each tripled and scored four runs for the winners.

Ritchie’s Ice Cream 22, Focus 5

Ritchie’s: Randi Williams 4-4, Sue Deschemaeker 4-4

Focus: Kristen Bogart 3-3, Cheryl Wilson 2-3

Randi Williams and Sue Deschemaeker each scored four runs for Ritchie’s.



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