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It’s been a difficult and uncertain four years but we made it.

Attended Morgan’s graduation last week. He is now officially a high school graduate. There were times over the past four years neither of us was entirely sure this day would come, but he did it and I am very proud of him.

I remember my graduation from high school very well. I wore a lovely green suit, skirt to the knee, jacket buttoned up, with long-leg girdle with garters holding up delicate nylons and sporting the latest squash heels (I think they call them kitten heels today). A cymbidium orchid corsage from my folks was my only accessory.

The boys, all in full suit, white shirt and tie, Sunday shoes shined and hair slicked down, looked mighty fine.

We stood in complete silence backstage as we waited our turn. The principal did his thing and then as each name was announced we walked confidently across the stage to receive our diploma.

Gentle applause followed each graduate to their seat. I didn’t get any but I am sure there must have been awards or something distributed at this time as well. When all were seated the valedictorian was announced and gave the expected motivational speech. We sat quietly, spellbound, not a whimper, chuckle or shuffle to be heard in the school gym throughout the entire formal procedure. We stood at attention, eyes forward, arms straight to the side, no movement, for the singing of O Canada and God Save the Queen and then we were sent on our way to conquer the world.

Things are much different now. For one thing the ceremony was not held in the school where the graduates had spent their four years. Seems strange to me but then I don’t know why the prom wasn’t held at the school, either.

No corsage to be seen and I am pretty sure there were no girdles or nylons worn – maybe a Spanx or two. Many were in strapless, tight, slinky, revealing, short – really, really short - dresses in chiffon, taffeta or other such glamourous fabric, three-inch platforms with six-inch heels.

Most boys had on dress pants and shirts and many wore ties but some arrived in shorts and t-shirts. It was good to see graduation gowns were supplied to all.

The Knights of Columbus, in full regalia, stood a guard of honour as the staff and students made their way into the auditorium. There was much jostling, giggling, whispering, etc. which continued throughout the dignitaries’ comments, the diploma and awards presentations, the valedictorian’s humours and heartfelt thoughts and closing congratulations and best wishes. This hum was often shattered by hoots, cheers and whoops depending on who was walking across the stage.

Upon completion of the ceremony, pizza and punch were served in the building’s hall. When I finally found Morgan in the bedlam, he had removed his cap and gown but agreed to put it all back on so I could take photos.

I also got some nice pictures of him with some of the special friends he made over those four years.

Considering the lack of restraint and maturity, solemnity and significance of the occasion, it was still an evening filled with hope and promise, pride and joy. They had all reached this goal in life and are now hopefully prepared to achieve great and wondrous things. What they can accomplish with their lives is limited only by their own imagination and action.

Congratulations Morgan and the Class of 2013!




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