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The Annandale diamonds in Tillsonburg will be abuzz this Friday, July 5, as Slo-Pitch All-Stars Night returns after a lengthy absence.

The festivities commence with two 6:30 p.m. starts. The ladies will take to the field on Diamond No. 2 while the Men’s B match will be on Diamond No. 3, followed by Men’s C at 7:45 p.m. and the Men’s A game at 9 p.m.

The A game will be followed by a home run derby.

The Men’s C game will be for the President’s Cup with president Chris Parker’s Parkz Pros vs VP Kyle Hollister’s Holly’s Henchmen!

The evening’s proceeds will go towards diamond improvements and the purchase of memorial stones in the name of Don Parker and Karen Miller.

Domino’s will be serving up pizza and there will be a cash bar. Homerun Sports will be providing prizes for MVPs.

Should be a fun evening!

Ladies All-Star Game

The two teams that will oppose in the Ladies All-Star Game will be Kelly’s Kool Kats vs Dream Weavers.

The official scorekeeper will be Challengers’ Sara Klassen.

Kelly’s Kool Kats

Coach – Kelly Spencer (Eichenberg’s)

Janet Culliton - Great Lakes / Corey’s

Kasey McKenzie - Great Lakes / Corey’s

Amy Beattie – Jays

Jess Grundy – Jays

Deanna Littler – EMI

Jordan Coderre – EMI

Amanda Friesen – Focus

Heather Haley – Hericanes

Hilary Stoop – Hericanes

Dawn Patterson – Cardio Plus

Krystal Sivyer – Cardio Plus

Becky Ford – Eichenberg’s

Dream Weavers

Coach – Dave Weaver (Great Lakes – Corey’s)

Assistant Coach – Mona Desmarchais (Scared Hitless)

Tamarah Schultz – Eichenberg’s

Lauren Duffy – Eichenberg’s

Sue Deschaemaeker – Ritchie’s

Steph Menich – Ritchie’s

Kristen Mawhinney – Hollister KIA

Susie Klassen – Challengers

Tina Enns – Challengers

Sandy Salverda – Scared Hitless

Jen Millen – Scared Hitless

Trisha DeLoose – Outcasts

Steph Miller – Outcasts

Deb Simmonds – Great Lakes / Corey’s

Men’s A Division All-Stars

Red Machine

Coach – John Nichols

Mike Wencel – Maple View Variety

Brad Wencel – Maple View Variety

Abe Epp – Maple View Variety

Dave Phillips – Haines Roofing

Phil Durham – Haines Roofing

Craig Smith – Haines Roofing

Steve Leacock – IC Waters

Matt Summers – IC Waters

Eric Lockey – Vector

Eric Vanwynsberghe – Vector

Blair Davidson – Vector

Ronny’s Raiders

Coach – Ron Dalby

Derek Penner – Gators

Aaron Laporte – Gators

Kieran Taylor – Gators

Jared Pettman – Roosters

Derek Kunderman – Roosters

Mark Hamulecki – Roosters

Josh Stubbs – Robert Q

Clayton Stubbs – Robert Q

Bryan DeBlaire – Robert Q

Brad Adams – Woodland RV

Tom Csoff – Woodland RV

Kyle Neuman – Woodland RV

Official scorekeeper will be Lacey Cluett.

Men’s B Division All-Stars

Bank Robbers

Coach – Trevor Fleet

Trevor Fleet – DeGroote-Hill

Doug Falkins – DeGroote-Hill

Jim Long – DeGroote-Hill

Mike Vanwynsberghe – Dirty Mitts

Jarrett Anderson – Dirty Mitts

Corey Smith – Dirty Mitts

Shaine Hall – Big Bass Brawlers

Joe Stone – Big Bass Brawlers

Steve Derks – Big Bass Brawlers

Scott Beattie – Corey’s

Scott McIntyre – Corey’s

Jason Vandommele – Corey’s

Smitty’s Boys

Coach – Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith – Hollister KIA

Kyle Hollister – Hollister KIA

Travis Horvath – Hollister KIA

Cheyne Sarafinchin – Kirwin Oatman

Thom Puhr – Kirwin Oatman

Jordy Thompson – Kirwin Oatman

Nick Barnim – Domino’s Hounds

Jim McKillen – Domino’s Hounds

Joel Prouse – Domino’s Hounds

Pete Krahn – Ontario Laser Spartans

Pete Friesen – Ontario Laser Spartans

Jake Friesen – Ontario Laser Spartans

Official Scorekeeper will be ‘Super’ Jeff Gwynn.

Men’s C Division

Parkz Pros

Coach – Chris Parker

Johnny Epp – Hit N Run

John Klassen – Hit n Run

Diedrich Klassen – Hit N Run

Kevin Alward – Destroyers

John Sergeant – Destroyers

Dave Lockstein – Destroyers

Shawn Elliott – John Beere

Kevin Stuyt – John Beere

Shawn Sivyer – John Beere

Adam Jensen – Cain’s Pelicans

Nick Lonsbary – Cain’s Pelicans

Andrew Kamenar – Cain’s Pelicans

Holly’s Henchmen

Coach – Kyle Hollister

Jeff Davies – Broadway Lanes

Jesse Legg – Broadway Lanes

Brent O’Brien – Broadway Lanes

Gus Ford – Straight Up

Mike Mudford – Straight Up

Connor Smith – Straight Up

Ray Howick – Stickmen

Shawn Ryerse – Stickmen

Bryan Granger – Stickmen

Nate Moyaert – Delhi Dodgers

Marty McDonald – Delhi Dodgers

Rob Atkins – Delhi Dodgers

Official scorekeeper will be the scorekeeper from Hit N Run.

Men’s A

The new kids in A knocked off first-place Maple View Variety in come-from-behind fashion. Woodland RV Park also beat a nine-man IC Waters squad, Gators and Robert Q Travel, each won by forfeit.

Maple View scored a close win over Robert Q.

Maple View Variety 12, Robert Q Travel 8

Maple View: Mike Wencel 4-4, Randy Miller 2-3, Ryan Miller HR, Nathan Klassen HR

Robert Q: Nick Russell 2-3, Bryan DeBlaire 3-4

Ryan Miller had a two-run homer in the winner’s five-run sixth.

Woodland RV Park 19, IC Waters 6

Woodland RV: Brad Adams 5-5, Rick Csoff 5-5

IC Waters: Steve Voth 3-4, Jeff Cadotte 2-4

Brad Adams, Kyle Decleir and Brandon VanHaecke crossed three times for Woodland.

Woodland RV Park 17, Maple View Variety 14

Woodland: Tom Csoff 4-5, Rick Csoff 4-5, Dave Mathews HR, Aaron Phillips HR

Maple View: Randy Miller 3-4, Ryan Carroll 3-4

Woodland’s Aaron Phillips had a two-run homer in their seven-run sixth.

Men’s B

Hollister KIA Kekambas won twice last week beating Ontario Spartans by seven and by two in a late surge over Domino’s Hounds.

Corey’s Restaurant picked up its second win of the season easily upsetting third place GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts.

DeGroote-Hill remained atop the division winning with just nine over Kirwin and Oatman. They also came from behind to beat Big Bass Brawlers by five.

Corey’s 26, GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts 10

Corey’s: Chad Hyatt 6-6, Scott McIntyre 6-6

GC Lounsbury: Kent Collings 3-3, Rob Vandemaele 3-3

Everyone in the winner’s lineup scored at least one run.

Hollister KIA 17, Domino’s Hounds 15

Hollister KIA Kekambas: Cody Furlong 4-4, Evan Prouse 5-5

Domino’s: Harv Johnson 4-4, Joel Prouse 4-5

Evan Prouse scored four runs for Hollister.

Hollister KIA 17, Ontario Laser 10

Hollister KIA: Chad Barclay 4-5, Jamie Haines 4-4

Ontario Laser Spartans: Jake Dyck 3-4, Jake Friesen 3-4

Kekambas broke the game open with a seven-run fourth.

DeGroote-Hill 9, Big Bass Brawlers 4

DeGroote-Hill: Doug Falkins 3-3, John Nichols 2-2

Big Bass: Ross Groat 2-2, Shaine Hall 2-3, Joe Stone HR

Jason Puhr had a pair of doubles to lead the winners.

DeGroote-Hill 19, Kirwin Oatman 12

DeGroote-Hill: John Nichols 4-5, Dave Weaver 4-5, Mark Vanderhaeghe 2 HRs

Kirwin Oatman: Thom Puhr 4-4, Steve Smith 3-4

Mark Vanderhaeghe had a pair of homers for the nine-man DeGroote-Hill squad.

Men’s C

Hit N Run won three and Cain’s Pelicans won a pair last week.

Hit N Run came from behind to win the nine-against-nine battle against The Destroyers. They had a mercy shutout win over Straight Up.

Cain’s won easily over Stickmen and Delhi Dodgers, who scored seven late to beat The Destroyers.

Hit N Run 23, Destroyers 21

Hit N Run: Paul Reimer 6-6, Diedrich Klassen 4-5 HR, Peter Enns HR, Johnny Klassen 2 HRs

Destroyers: Dave Lockstein 5-5, Terry Lockstein 4-5, Troy Temple 2 HRs

Peter Enns led the winners with eight RBIs.

Hit N Run 27, John Beere 12

Hit N Run: Jake Enns 4-4 HR, Herman Enns 3-3, Abe Klassen HR

John Beere: Shawn Elliott 4-5, Kevin Stuyt 4-5 HR

David Enns had six RBIs against the eight-men John Beere.

Delhi Dodgers 21, Destroyers 16

Delhi: Bill Chesney 4-5, Kurt Pettit 4-5

Destroyers: Kevin Alward 4-5, Paul Lavier 4-5

Kenny Mahler, Bill Chesney and Matt Hanson scored three runs for Delhi.

Hit N Run 16, Straight Up 0

Hit N Run: David Enns 3-3, Jake Enns 3-3, Herman Enns HR

Straight Up: David Lee 2-2, Mike Mudford 1-2

Ten of Hit N Run’s 11 batters drove in a run.

Cain’s Pelicans 22, Stickmen 6

Cain’s: Mike Robinson 2-2, Kevin Buchner 3-3, Andrew Kamenar HR

Stickmen: Ray Howick 4-4 HR, Dylan Graydon 2-2

Mike Robinson reached and scored four times for Cain’s.

Cain’s Pelicans 14, Delhi Dodgers 6

Cain’s: Andrew Dawson 3-3, Dave Kamenar 3-3, Nick Lonsbary HR

Delhi: Jordan Pope 3-3, Rob Atkins 3-3

Andrew Dawson had a triple and double for Cain’s.

Ladies A

ServiceMaster got their offence in gear recording 42 runs over two victories against their B Division counterparts, and Orange Crush piled up 54 over their two.

Jays moved alone into fourth after mercying Cardio Plus.

Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s, Eichenberg’s and EMI recorded easy wins.

Great Lakes – Corey’s 14, Hollister KIA 3

GL – Corey’s: Kim King 4-4, Christine Verscheuren 3-3

Hollister KIA: Melissa Johnson 2-3, Mandy Kromplak 2-3

Janet Culliton tripled and Tania Ghesquiere doubled for the winners.

Jays 20, Cardio Plus 5

Jays: Shirley Moore 4-5, Nicki Shewan 4-5

Cardio Plus Camo Pitches: Dawn Patterson 2-3, Steph Parker 3-3

Shirley Moore scored four runs for Jays.

Orange Crush 28, Hollister KIA 10

Orange Crush: Stacy Lauwerier 6-6, Kathryn Peter 6-6

Hollister KIA: Mandy Kromplak 4-4, Kristen Mawhinney 4-4

Leadoff batter Stacy Lauwerier reached and scored six runs for Orange.

ServiceMaster 20, Hericanes 5

ServiceMaster: Becky Abbott 4-4, Diane Hall 3-3, Steph Erdelac HR and grand slam

Hericanes: Heidi Hopper 3-3, Steph McDonald 3-4

Steph Erdelac led ServiceMaster with a grand slam, a two-run homer, and two singles.

ServiceMaster 22, Scared Hitless 12

ServiceMaster: Melissa Howick 4-4, Tracy VanParys 4-4

Scared Hitless: Danielle Boughner 4-4, Shannon Collings 4-4

Melissa Howick led the winners with a pair of homers and five runs scored.

Orange Crush 25, Challengers 7

Orange: TJ Balazs 4-4, Chrissy Barnard 4-4

Orange Crush plated seven in three consecutive innings.

EMI Steelerz 17, Cardio Plus 5

EMI: Kim Sage 4-5, Kim Wood 3-3

Cardio Plus Camo Pitches: Krystal Sivyer 3-4, Amber Way 3-3

Jordan Coderre, Sarah Sparzynski and Kim Wood each scored three runs for EMI.

Eichenberg’s 20, Hericanes 1

Eichenberg’s: Tamarah Schultz 4-4 grand slam, Nancy Hiebert 3-3

Hericanes: Mehgan Leathong 2-2, Melissa Mabee 2-3

Eichenberg had an easy time against an eight-player Hericanes.

Ladies B

This past week started the cross-over play against A Division opponents.

The Outcasts pulled off a monumental upset of Ritchie’s Ice Cream and BBQ, edging them by one. Scared Hitless also downed Ritchie’s in a 22-20 slugfest.

Focus collected the other division win outscoring a game Outcasts squad.

Focus 19, Outcasts 14

Focus: Marcia Wright 3-3, Nancy Benner 5-6

Outcasts: Lindsay Baillie 4-5, Trisha DeLoose 4-5

Greta Syve scored three runs for Focus.

Scared Hitless 22, Ritchie’s 20

Scared Hitless: Allison DeBlaire 4-4, Cassie Ratelle 2-2

Ritchie’s Ice Cream & BBQ: Holley Dayman 4-5, Lindsay Warboys 4-4

Allison DeBlaire scored four runs and Mandy Howe made some outstanding catches to lead the winners.


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