Comebacks galore in Tillsonburg slo-pitch

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You can tell we are really getting into the season as we experienced many come from behind victories last week, proving no lead is safe in slo-pitch!

A shout out to Broadway Lanes Bears winning the Men’s E Division in the SPN Qualifier held in Tillsonburg over the weekend. The Morgan Realty Astros captured the Men’s C title.

Mark Friday, July 5 on your calendar as it is the date of All-Star Night in Tillsonburg at the Annandale diamonds. There will be Men’s A, Men’s B, and Men’s C Division All-Star games, as well as Ladies!

Check next week’s column for more details. Also included on July 5th will be an All-Star Home Run Derby.

Men’s A

Haines Roofing won three key games last week. They beat Woodland RV by one, and moved into a tie for first with Maple View Variety after scoring late to beat them by two.

Woodland RV knocked off the Gators and Robert Q Travel to move into a tie for second place with Roosters, who edged Vector Blue Jays.

Maple View Variety beat Roosters 6-5 to round out the week’s action.

Woodland RV Park 27,Robert Q Travel 24

Woodland: Tim Townsend 4-5 HR, Kyle Neuman 4-6 HR, Aaron Phillips HR

Robert Q: Logan Kloet 6-6 2 HRs, Mike McCarthy 3-4 HR, Josh Stubbs 2 HRs

Woodland tied it with six in the seventh, and won it with an eight-run fourth.

Maple View Variety 6,Roosters 5

Maple View: Mike Wencel 3-4, Nathan Klassen 3-3, Abe Epp HR, Brad Wencel HR

Roosters: Mark Hamulecki 2-4, Paul Lytwynec 2-4

Darren Pace’s RBI single won it for Maple View.

Woodland RV Park 14,Gators 9

Woodland RV: Ben Heinrichs 3-3 HR, Will McMaster 3-3 HR

Gators: Jon Nunn 3-3, Scott Balazs 4-4

Woodland broke this one open with a seven-run sixth.

Roosters 9,Vector Blue Jays 8

Roosters: Greg Buchner 2-2, Curtis Neabel 2-2 2 HRS, Mark Hamulecki HR

Vector: Eric Vanwynsberghe 3-4 HR, Steve Balazs 3-4, Ben Klassen HR

Haines Roofing 18,IC Waters 9

Haines: Dan Clark 4-5 HR, Dave Phillips 4-4, Craig Smith HR

IC Waters: Jeff Cadotte 4-4, Shawn Gaitens 3-3

Leadoff batter Dan Clark homered and scored four runs for Haines.

Haines Roofing 20,Woodland RV 19

Haines: Jake Klassen 4-4, Phil Durham 3-4, Craig Smith HR, Dan Clark 2 HRs, Dave Phillips HR, Martin Klassen HR

Woodland RV: Kyle Underhill 3-4, Tom Csoff 3-4

Martin Klassen had the game winning RBI in Haines’ seven-run sixth.

Haines Roofing 7, Maple View Variety 5

Haines: Phil Durham 3-3, Craig Smith 2-3, Scott Harris HR

Maple View: Ryan Black 2-2 HR, Abe Epp 3-3, Ryan Miller HR

Scott Harris’ three-run sixth-inning homer decided it for Haines.

Men’s B

Ontario Laser Spartans won their first ever downing Corey’s by 11 last week. The Spartans lost a close one to Kirwin and Oatman, 19-15.

Domino’s Hounds won a pair to move up in the standings.

Big Bass Brawlers upset Kirwin Oatman, while DeGroote-Hill rallied late to earn the other division win.

Ontario Laser 14,Corey’s 3

Ontario Laser Spartans: Jake Friesen 4-4, Pete Froese 3-3, Martin Klassen 2 HRs

Corey’s: Mike Mesquita 2-2, Dave Goncalves 2-2

Martin Klassen had a pair of homers, helping the Spartans win their first of the season.

Domino’s Hounds 12,GC Lounsbury 11

Domino’s: Shane Bouck 3-4, Mike Bouck 3-3

GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts: Devin Lee 3-4, Greg Onaitis 3-4

Shane Bouck’s two-out double walked it off for Domino’s.

DeGroote-Hill 16,Hollister KIA 10

DeGroote-Hill: Mark Vanderhaeghe 3-4, Bob Long 3-4

Hollister KIA Kekambas: Kyle Smith 5-5, Brandon Rohrer 4-5

After Hollister KIA tied it in the sixth, DeGroote-Hill rallied for seven in their half.

Big Bass Brawlers 14,Kirwin Oatman 13

Big Bass: Ross Groat 3-3 2 HRs, Bob Evans 3-4, Joe Stone HR

Kirwin Oatman: Jordan Rooke 3-3, Matt Davis 3-4

Ross Groat homered and Sean Guardhouse tripled in the winner’s four-run seventh.

Domino’s Hounds 12,Corey’s Restaurant 9

Domino’s: Mike Bouck 4-4, Jim McKillen 4-5

Corey’s: Jayson Vandommele 4-4, Matt Mallott 3-4

Domino’s scored 10 over their last two at-bats to pull out the win.

GC Lounsbury 21,Big Bass Brawlers 14

GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts: Devin Lee 4-4, Sean Miller 3-4

Big Bass: Joe Stone 3-3, Ryan Copping 3-4

Dirty Mitts came from behind outscoring Big Bass 10-2 over their last two innings.

Kirwin Oatman 19,Ontario Laser 15

Kirwin Oatman: Jordy Thompson 5-6, Scott Swance 4-4

Ontario Laser Spartans: Pete Dyck 4-4, Jake Klassen 4-4

Kirwin Oatman plated seven in the sixth to steal the win away from the Spartans.

Men’s C

It’s getting crowded atop the C Division as Hit N Run, Broadway Lanes Bears, and Cain’s Pelicans are all close.

Straight Up has been on a tear of late recording three straight. John Beere upset Broadway Lanes Bears, who had won four. Stickmen and Cain’s Pelicans grabbed the other victories.

Broadway Lanes Bears 11,Destroyers 3

Broadway Lanes: Brent O’Brien 4-5, RJ Peters 3-4

Destroyers: Terry Lockstein 2-2, Tyler Sergeant 2-3

Brent O’Brien scored three runs for the winners in the nine-against-nine battle.

Broadway Lanes Bears 18,Straight Up 11

Broadway Lanes: Phil Beauvais 3-4, Derrick Harnish 3-4 HR

Straight Up: Troy Lamoure 4-4, Connor Smith 3-4, Chad Vigar 3 HRs

Derrick Harnish’s three-run homer capped Bears’ four-run sixth.

Cain’s Pelicans 19, John Beere 2

Cain’s: Corey Smith 3-3, Nick Lonsbary 3-3

John Beere: Tim Rapai 2-2, Ian Monk 2-2

Cain’s scored seven in the fifth en route to the mercy.

Broadway Lanes Bears 21,Cain’s Pelicans 13

Broadway Lanes: Cam Curtis 4-4, Phil Beauvais 4-5

Cain’s: Adam Jensen 3-4, Adam Glass 3-4

Bears took over the game in the fourth and added insurance runs in the fifth and sixth.

Broadway Lanes Bears 25,Stickmen 8

Broadway Lanes: Phil Beauvais 5-5, Wes Haggens 4-4

Stickmen: Rob Underhill 2-3, Roland Phipps 2-2

Broadway Lanes spotted Stickmen a seven-run first before putting 25 on the board over the last four.

Straight Up 19,Delhi Dodgers 18

Straight Up: Chad Vigar 3-4, Patrick Tanner 3-4 HR, Connor Smith HR (grand slam)

Delhi: Alan Gearts 4-4, Mike Decoene 4-5

Straight Up had a seven-run bat-around seventh to edge the Dodgers by one.

Stickmen 18,Destroyers 6

Stickmen: Chris Webb 3-3, Dylan Graydon 3-4, Dave Phipps HR

Destroyers: Paul Lavier 2-3, Troy Temple 2-3

Nine of Stickmen’s 11 batters scored two runs.

John Beere 17,Broadway Lanes Bears 16

John Beere: Jesse Anderson 4-5, Shaun Elliott 4-5, Kevin Stuyt HR

Broadway: Derrick Harnish 4-4, Jason Seitz 4-5, Jesse Legg HR

Chris Fisher had the walkoff base hit for John Beere in a six-run seventh.

Straight Up 19, Stickmen 15

Straight Up: Gus Ford 4-5, Trevor Hawley 4-5, Brett Parsons HR

Stickmen: Ray Howick 4-4, Shawn Ryerse 3-4

Brett Parsons homered and scored three runs for Straight Up.

Straight Up 22,Destroyers 18

Straight Up: Ryan Bruckler 4-4, Troy Lamoure 3-3, Chad Vigar HR

Destroyers: Jesse Temple 4-5, Dave Lockstein 2-2

Connor Smith, Trevor Hawley and Brett Parsons each scored three runs for Straight Up.

Ladies A

Orange Crush got a big win last week knocking off Eichenberg out of top spot.

Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s won two by mercy to take over top spot.

ServiceMaster recorded a nice come from behind win over Orange.

Jays, EMI and Ritchie’s recorded the other victories.

Orange Crush 7, Eichenberg’s 6

Orange: Kathryn Peter 3-3, Christina Langrell 3-3

Eichenberg: Mary Boldt 3-3, Tamarah Schultz 2-3

Orange Crush rallied in the seventh on back-to-back extra base hits from Kathryn Peter and TJ Balazs to steal the win.

ServiceMaster 13,Orange Crush 10

ServiceMaster: Kerry Jensen 5-5, Sarah Redecop 5-5

Orange: Monik Collins 3-3, Chrissy Barnard 3-4

ServiceMaster scored seven in the sixth to overtake Orange. Tracy VanParys had a triple in the rally.

Jays 15, ServiceMaster 2

Jays: Kirstie Jones 4-4, Jess Grundy 4-4

ServiceMaster: Kerry Jensen 4-4, Melissa Howick 3-4

Jays leadoff batter Kirstie Jones reached and scored four times.

GL Physio – Corey’s 18,EMI 2

Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s: Cindy Kyle 3-3, Tracey Pressey 4-4, Shannon Ewing HR

EMI: Jordan Coderre 3-3, Rhonda Mayo 2-2

Great Lakes rolled seven in their first two innings.

GL Physio – Corey’s 23,Ritchie’s Ice Cream 0

Great Lakes – Corey’s: Michelle Puhr 4-4, Kaitlin Anseeuw 4-4 HR

Ritchie’s Ice Cream & BBQ: Michelle Warboys 1-2, Steph Menich 1-2

Kaitlin Anseeuw homered and tripled twice for the winners.

EMI Steelerz 12, ServiceMaster 8

EMI: Julaine Vandenbrink 4-4, Rhonda Mayo 3-3

ServiceMaster: Melissa Howick 4-4, Kerry Jensen 4-4

EMI scored five late to record the win.

Ritchie’s 10, Jays 9

Ritchie’s Ice Cream and BBQ: Ali Vankerrebroeck 3-4, Lynn Smithson 3-4

Jays: Mary Froese 3-4, Kirstie Jones 3-4

Jen VanBesien had the walkoff base hit for Ritchie’s.

Ladies B

Hollister KIA continues to lead the B Division after a big win over second-place Focus.

Challengers moved into a tie with second-place Focus after winning twice.

Outcasts recorded their first victory of the season beating Cardio Plus.

Focus 18, Cardio Plus 3

Focus: Nicole Sanderson 4-4, Bernita Jordan 4-4

Cardio Plus Camo Pitches: Heather Simmonds 2-3, Jess Salverda 2-2

Kitty Grant and Nicole Sanderson each hit doubles for Focus.

Hollister KIA 22, Focus 12

Hollister KIA: Jen Dahl 4-4, Jen Cadman 4-4

Focus: Nancy Benner 5-5, Cheryl Johnson 5-5

Danielle Swart, Kristen Mawhinney and Jen Dahl scored runs for Hollister.

Challengers 19, Hericanes 13

Challengers: Tina Klassen 5-5, Lisa Klassen 4-5

Hericanes: Erin Thompson 3-4, Meaghan Leathong 3-4

Anna Driedger drove in four for the winners.

Outcasts 12, Cardio Plus 10

Outcasts: Tonya Temple 4-4, Trisha DeLoose 4-4

Cardio Plus Camo Pitches: Pat Sivyer 2-4, Bri Clarke 3-4

Outcasts’ four-run sixth was highlighted by Megan McLuhan’s two-run single.

Challengers 16, Scared Hitless 10

Challengers: Aggie Dyck 4-4, Tina Wall 4-4

Scared Hitless: Mandi Howe 3-4, Cheryl Johnson 3-4

Susie Klassen drove in five for the winners.



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