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Gear Train Pylons hosted a successful slo-pitch tournament over the weekend complete with ideal weather conditions.

Great Lakes Physio-Corey’s captured the ladies C division, and ServiceMaster were runners-up in Ladies D.

Bank Robbers edged GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts in an exciting Men’s E final.

Doug Falkins took home the men’s home run contest honours, and Shannon Ewing won the ladies title.

Ladies A

Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s handed Eichenberg its first loss of the season edging them 4-3.

They were given a scare from Orange Crush, coming from behind to win by five.

Orange Crush won a pair of EMI and Ritchie’s Ice Cream and BBQ. Ritchie’s beat ServiceMaster but were defeated by EMI.

Ritchie’s Ice Cream & BBQ 12,ServiceMaster 4

Ritchie’s: Jen VanBesien 3-4, Ashley Aker 3-4

ServiceMaster: Tracy VanParys 2-3, Sarah Reddekop 1-2

Ritchie’s spotted ServiceMaster a four-run lead scoring 11 late to steal the win.

Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s 4, Eichenberg’s 3

Great Lakes: Janet Culliton 2-3, Tania Ghesquiere 2-3

Eichenberg: Lauren Duffy 3-3, Kate Hahn 3-3

Both pitchers, Deb Simmonds from Great Lakes and Jen Mowatt from Eichenberg, pitched strong games. Kasey McKenzie drove in the game’s winning run.

Orange Crush 22, EMI 4

Orange Crush: Courtney Morse 4-5, Candy Obar 4-5

EMI: Amber Meyer 2-4

Chrissy Barnard and Candi Obar scored four runs for Orange.

Orange Crush 11, Ritchie’s Ice Cream BBQ 8

Orange: Chrissy Barnard 4-4, Mavis Poirier 3-4

Ritchie’s: Lindsay Warboys 3-3, Michelle Warboys 3-3

Orange plated 13 runs between the third and fourth innings.

Great Lakes – Corey’s 12, Orange Crush 7

GL – Corey’s: Christine Gubesch 3-3, Kim Walker 2-3

Orange: Candi Obar 3-3, Bobbi Anderson 3-3

Great Lakes scored seven in the sixth to overtake Orange.

EMI 12, Ritchie’s Ice Cream BBQ 4

EMI: Sarah Sparzynski 4-4, Kim Wood 4-4

Ritchie’s: Ashley Aker 3-3, Jen Heleniak 2-3

Leadoff batter Sarah Sparzynski had four hits and scored two runs for EMI.

Ladies B

Hollister KIA and Focus continue to dominate the B loop with Hollister holding a one-game lead.

Hollister won by mercy last week over Challengers and Hericanes. Focus mercied Outcasts.

Outcasts lost a close one to Scared Hitless. Hericanes and Challengers recorded the other victories.

Focus 18, Outcasts 2

Focus: Shelley Vandenbrandt 2-2, Nettie Friesen 3-3

Outcasts: Amber Woolgar 2-3, Tonya Temple 2-3

Kristen doubled and singled twice for Focus.

Hollister KIA 20, Challengers 5

Hollister KIA: Carrie Mezzatesya 3-3, Tammy Lalone 4-4

Challengers: Trudy Froese 2-2, Aggie Dyck 2-2

Carrie Mezzatesya tripled and scored three runs for the winners.

Challengers 20, Cardio Plus Camo Pitches 9

Challengers: Neta Klassen 4-4, Anna Driedger 5-5

Cardio Plus: Krystal Sivyer 4-4, Tanita White 3-4

Tina Enns led Challengers with a pair of triples.

Hollister KIA 22, Hericanes 6

Hollister: Julie VanHaecke 4-4, Kristin Mawhinney 4-4

Hericanes: Meghan Leathong 2-2, Erin Thompson 2-3

Jen Dahl scored four runs for KIA.

Scared Hitless 6, Outcasts 5

Scared Hitless: Cheryl Johnson 3-3, Kim Jeromin 2-2

Outcasts: Tiffany Rokeby 4-4, Steph Miller 3-4

Scared Hitless won with a walkoff hit from Renee Lachapelle in the seventh.

Hericanes 11, Scared Hitless 2

Hericanes: Jill Ferguson 4-4, Steph McDonald 4-4

Scared Hitless: Jenn Millen 3-3, Cassie Ratelle 2-3

Kristen Duncan scored three runs for the winners.

Men’s A

Gators were the only team to record multiple wins last week. They beat IC Waters in walkoff fashion and also upended Roosters.

Maple View Variety beat Robert Q for the second time this season.

Robert Q pulled off a walkoff win over Vector Blue Jays. Haines Roofing, IC Waters and Vector grabbed the other wins last week.

Gators 19, IC Waters 18

Gators: Darryl Baswick 5-6, Jon Nunn 5-6 HR

IC Waters: Mike Shewan 5-5 HR, Steve Leacock 4-5

Jon Nunn’s seventh-inning homer won it for Gators in walkoff fashion.

IC Waters 18, Robert Q Travel 8

IC Waters: Mike Shewan 4-4 2 HRs, Cedric Tomico 3-3, Darren Cadotte HR, Steve Voth HR, Shawn Crane HR

Robert Q: Matt Bilger 3-4, Joe Highley 4-4 HR, Nick Nagy HR

Gators 15, Roosters 8

Gators: Kieran Taylor 3-3, Steve Ghesquiere HR, Jon Nunn 3-3, Aaron Laporte HR

Roosters: Derek Buchner 3-3, Scott Heath 3-4

A seven-run third was key to Gators’ victory.

Haines Roofing 24, IC Waters 8

Haines: Craig Smith 4-4, Jason Gekiere 4-4 HR, Phil Durham 2 HRs, Jake Klassen 2 HRs, Dave Phillips HR, Martin Klassen HR

IC Waters: Matt Summers 3-4, Tim Miners 3-3, Jeff Cadotte HR, Steve Leacock HR

Phil Durham had a pair of two-run homers for Haines.

Vector Blue Jays 20, Haines Roofing 16

Vector: Adam Thomson 5-5 2 HRs, Jason Mudford 4-4, Chad Lofthouse HR

Haines: Phil Durham 4-4 2 HRs, Dave Phillips 3-4

Adam Thomson homered twice and scored five runs for Vector.

Maple View Variety 19, Robert Q Travel 16

Maple View: Darren Pace 4-4, Ian Baker 4-4, Randy Miller HR, Brad Wencel 2 HRS, Ryan Miller (grand slam), Aaron Uhryn HR

Robert Q: Josh Stubbs 4-4 HR, Mike Supinski 3-4 HR, Mike Wolfe HR

Brad Wencel and Ryan Miller each drove in five for the winners.

Robert Q Travel 17, Vector Blue Jays 16

Robert Q: Nick Nagy 5-5, Robert Nant 4-4

Vector: Eric Vanwynsberghe 6-6, Trevor Oakes 5-6

Cody Quinney had the walkoff hit in Robert Q’s four-run seventh.

Men’s B

GC Lounsbury had a big week collecting four wins.

Kirwin and Oatman mercied Corey’s. DeGroote-Hill won in extra innings over Ontario Laser Spartans, and Big Bass Brawlers collected the other win.

Big Bass Brawlers 21, Ontario Laser Spartans 6

Big Bass: Ryan Hambleton 3-3, Ryan Copping 3-3, Joe Stone HR, Bob Evans 2 HRs, Brent Schooley 2 HRs

Ontario Laser: Jake Dyck 2-3, Abe Krahn 1-1, Corny Krahn HR

Bob Evans and Brent Schooley each homered twice for the victors.

GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts 24, Big Bass Brawlers 14

GC Lounsbury: Chris McDonald 5-5, Rob Vandemaele 4-4 HR

Big Bass: Ryan Hambleton 4-4, Bob Evans 3-3

Trevor Stuyt tripled and scored four runs for GC Lounsbury.

GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts 27, Corey’s Restaurant 17

GC Lounsbury: Cory Smith 5-5, Kent Collings 4-4, Mike Vanwynsberghe HR

Corey’s: Jan Dagg 5-5, Scott Beattie 4-5

Cory Smith had three triples and a double for GC Lounsbury.

GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts 20, Hollister KIA Kekambas 15

GC Lounsbury: Kent Collings 4-4, Colin McDonald 3-3

Hollister: Jordan Bruckler 3-3, Cody Furlong 2-3

Trevor Stuyt and Kent Collings scored three runs for the winners.

Kirwin and Oatman 25, Corey’s 9

Kirwin and Oatman: Darryl Whittington 3-3, Darrell Maddock 4-4

Corey’s: Dave Goncalves 3-3, Tony Martin 3-3

Darryl Whittington and Darrell Maddock each scored four runs for the winners.

DeGroote-Hill 16, Ontario Laser Spartans 13

DeGroote-Hill: Bob Long 4-5, Dave Weaver 3-3, Doug Falkins 2 HRs

Ontario Laser: Corny Krahn 4-5, Abe Krahn 4-5

Bob Long cleared the bases with a triple in DeGroote’s six-run eighth.

GC Lounsbury Dirty Mitts 11, DeGroote-Hill 10

GC Lounsbury: Devin Lee 2-2, Kent Collings 2-3, Travis Nikin HR

DeGroote-Hill: Mark Vanderhaeghe 3-4, John Nichols 2-3

Colin McDonald had the walkoff base hit for GC Lounsbury in their three-run seventh.

Men’s C

Broadway Lanes Bears handed Hit N Run their first loss of the season. They also beat Cain’s and John Beere to take over first place.

Delhi Dodgers recorded a pair of victories and, from first hand, I was able to observe that this team is having fun in their inaugural campaign.

Broadway Lanes Bears 14, Hit N Run 11

Broadway Lanes: Jesse Legg 3-4, Kyle Bridges 3-4 HR, Corey Bridge HR

Hit N Run: Diedrich Klassen 3-4, Jonny Epp 3-4 HR, Herman Enns HR

Broadway Lanes upset first place Hit N Run despite fielding only eight players.

Delhi Dodgers 13, Stickmen 9

Delhi: Marty Macdonald 3-4, Alan Geerts 3-4

Stickmen: Dave Phipps 4-4, Ray Howick 3-4

Marty Macdonald, Josh O’Neil and Mike Decoene all scored two runs for Delhi.

Delhi Dodgers 18, John Beere 8

Delhi: Kurt Pettit 4-4, Nate Moyaert 4-4

John Beere: Shawn Elliott 3-4, Kevin Stuyt 3-4

Bill Chesney crossed four times for Delhi.

Broadway Lanes Bears 18, John Beere 11

Broadway Lanes: Jay Seitz 4-4, Phil Beauvais 3-4, Jesse Legg 2 HRS

John Beere: Andrew Barnim 3-4, Ian Monk 3-4

Jesse Legg had a pair of three-run homers for the winners.

Broadway Lanes Bears 9, Cain’s Pelicans 8

Broadway Lanes: Jeff Davies 3-4, Justin Lockstein 2-3

Cain’s: Mike Kamenar 3-4, Andrew Kamenar 3-5

Jeff Davies doubled and scored the winning run for the Bears.



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