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Many of us like most surprises. A birthday party, proposal, special gift, reunion are all examples of surprises that are welcomed and enjoyed. But not all surprises are fun or happy and not all people love to be bowled over by the unexpected.

What often surprises me is how some folks are astounded and even outraged by what is common knowledge. For instance, saw a segment on talk TV last week that flabbergasted the hosts. An expert was explaining how there are a lot of germs on women’s purses and the contents thereof. Don’t understand why anyone would find that astonishing. We have germs and bacteria everywhere and when you think of where our purses get plopped down - floor of the car, floor in the public bathroom stall, floor beside our chair at a restaurant, on counters everywhere, in a shopping cart, on the pavement in the parking lot, on the grass in the park. It’s more of a surprise to me they didn’t find anything deadly on them.

The idea governments all over the world are spying on their citizens should not be a surprise to anyone. That snooping into our lives has finally been said out loud is pretty amazing. And really, come on now, we didn’t know famous folks, rich folks, political folks, folks with power, folks everywhere, cheat on their taxes, lie on their expense reports, falsify records, try drugs or drink too much, deceive their spouses, even lie about where they live? Is this really news?  Even exposing these transgressions isn’t much of a surprise anymore but once it’s out there we all still act shocked.

But no surprise is the wondrous bargains you will find in Otterville this Saturday, June 8. From early morning until you stop coming, residents throughout the village will be offering up all sort of treasures at the community wide yard sale. There will be clothes for everyone, knicky-knacky stuff, one-of-a-kind items, picture frames, gadgets, books, art work, plants, antiques, tools, furniture, dishes, curtains, toys and anything else you can think of.

Morgan and I have been digging out the many boxes in the storage space in the basement over the past few years and finally have it empty. Boxes that had been buried for years are now all over the basement as we sort and make ready for the yard sale.

It’s all got to go so you will find some good deals. My yard will feature the wares of six different families so you will find all sorts of good things at all price points, so stop by.

It’s a full day of activity. The Mill Runners, in conjunction with the South Norwich Historical Society, are again hosting one of the best car shows in the area on the grounds of our historic gristmill. The society will be offering up breakfast and lunch with homemade pies for dessert at the mill site, while other community groups will be serving up lunches throughout the village.

It’s a great day so come on down on Saturday, June 8 and spend a day in the historic, picturesque village of Otterville.



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