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What a wet beginning to the Race night!

Parking lot under water. Buckets of water coming down just after sign in.

Where else would you be wondering, not if the races were going to be cancelled, but rather, how am I going to get to the track without getting soaked? Once the teams managed to get the karts inside there was no problem staying dry.

The high humidity made for a track that stayed super moist all night. Well, that and digging it up with a Dozer, rototilling and repacking after a good watering.


Number 20a Aiden Maynard, Blenheim is already making his presence felt in the Beginners by going 1-1-2.

Only #93 Rayse Meyer, Courtland was able to beat him in the final main. These 7 and 8-year-olds are already making racing look easy, which we all know it is not.


In the Juniors we are starting to have a dog fight shape up. Last year’s champ, Jacob Sheridan, is starting to find his speed again but there have been some adjustments to account for the 25lbs he put on last winter. #2 Guy last year, Colby Bennett, Port Dover, came out swinging in 2013 and has consistently been running at or near the front but it is surprise performances from the youngest Sheridan, Nick to be exact, that has everyone talking. Although he certainly has a weight advantage, that has usually not been enough to win in Tillsonburg and the heavier and more experienced drivers usually make their way to the front. Somewhere Nick has picked up some passing skills over the winter and in the final main managed to pass Colby and Jacob while they were working on traffic. Great racing guys.

In the end it was Nick Sheridan, Mount Brydges and Colby Bennett tied in first.


The Seniors sure put on a show again with an awful lot of side by side racing which usually results in two things. Excitement and crashes. This week it was Kate Courtnage taking the brunt as she tested our wall once again.

In a post race interview, Kate said (Katherine) Summers had run her up into the wall, but the officials were not so sure that was the case and Summers kept her position. Event after the night’s racing was done and the video replay used, the conclusion was not clear.

Only one thing was for sure. Kate hit the wall. Despite that, Kate finished the night in 3rd and Katherine Summers was 2nd overall. It was Bea Courtnage who was able to stay out of the excitement, taking overall this week.


Last lap of the Expert race pretty well sums up Scott Kelly this year. I was safely sitting in second place with a lapper between me and first place. I was playing it safe and happy with the second after starting at the back of the field.

Wham, Scott Kelly is now in second place.

My thought was, "where did he come from?" Coming out of nowhere he passed me like I had  been sitting still. I guess the race is not over until it’s over. I settled for 3rd instead which tied myself with Holly Porter this week.

Overall, it was the night of Scott's as Scott Chesterman took the overall with Scott Kelly finished 2nd for the night after winning the Qualifying.

Now you have a small part of the exiting night… see you next Tuesday.


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