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Ashley O’Leary was having a heck of a time prying Alex Duke out of his favourite seat on the swing.

Lynne Whale’s motherly love was worn in her mustachioed ‘Mario Mom’ face art, rather than on her sleeve; and Baily Plante, Alex Couture and Albert Sherwood’s enjoyment of the bouncy castle was clearly evident on their painted faces.

Over at the crosscut saw competition, Lilly Davis and Mandy Deckers were showing the boys something about technique and coordinated effort.

Just inside covered picnic pavilion in front of the Edison Fest command centre, Donna Long was a tiny bit shook up as Bayham’s favourite Elvis impersonator had entered, rather than left the building, to sing a very personal serenade from her lap.

And perhaps most importantly, Mother Nature cooperated, with skies that threatened, rather than produced precipitation.

“No rain – no rain,” agreed Edison Fest committee member Leann Walsh. “It tried, but it won’t break us, ever.

“Like you said, we’re too tough.”

Apart from the activities mentioned, Edison ‘Festers’ had an opportunity to participate in the nail-driving contest, browse a selection of crafts and local produce, enjoy fresh popcorn popped up courtesy of Bob Cain’s auto, experience the artistic interpretations of Fabtastic Face Painting, or the popular option of a free horse and wagon ride courtesy of John Giesbrecht.

“She’s a beautiful day,” Walsh reiterated, following a quick glance skyward. “No sun, but a beautiful day.”

There is always room for expansion, Walsh was hoping a skateboard demonstration, planned for this year, will be on tap for the 2014 version. On the plus side however, an effort to promote the talent contest at the area elementary school level had paid off, with a record 27 participants signed up for its scheduled 4 p.m. start.

Although the event is a fundraiser for the Edison museum through donations, a silent auction and a draw, Edison Fest itself is full of free activities for kids, who stand to win prizes including a 14-strong selection of skateboards courtesy of the Vienna Citizens Group; or a pair of bikes donated by Municipality of Bayham Mayor Paul Ens and wife Mary Lee.

Robert Ronson, ‘Elvis’ since the early 1990s, has been involved with Edison Fest for the majority of its (unofficially) 11-year history, acting as 2013 committee co-chair along with wife Hellen.

“People seem to enjoy it,” said Robert, noting participation was up. “It gives them something to do.”

Providing area families a positive activity is accomplished through support of Vienna and surrounding area, Ronson credited.

“Without community support, we probably wouldn’t be able to hold it,” he said, in effect, thanking Vienna and area, very much.

“That’s right,” he responded with a laugh, seamlessly easing into character. “Thank you, thank you very much.”


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