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Kirwin and Oatman racks up the runs

Thanks to the Tillsonburg Men’s teams that responded by turning in a plethora of game sheets this week!

There are still some delinquent sheets, but all in all vastly improved!

Men’s A

Woodland RV Park made its debut in the Men’s A Division winning two while losing once.

Gators knocked off Roosters and a short-handed Haines Exteriors before being beaten by 12 by Maple View Variety D-Backs. Haines Exteriors handed D-Backs their first loss of the season, while Roosters had victories over Haines Exteriors and Woodland.

Roosters 13, Haines Exteriors 12

Roosters: Paul Lytreyne 3-3, Curtis Neabel 2-3 HR, Derek Buchner HR

Haines Exeriors: AJ Martin 3-4, Phil Durham 3-4 3 HR, Craig Smith HR, Martin Klassen HR

Paul Lytreyne led the winners with a double, pair of triples and three runs scored.

Gators 14, Haines Exteriors 11

Gators: Darryl Baswick 2-2, Aaron Laporte 2-3, Ron Demaiter HR, Derek Penner HR

Haines: Jake Klassen 4-5 HR, Scott Harris 3-4, Shawn Finch HR, Phil Durham HR

Gators took over the lead with a five run fifth. Ron Demaiter had a two-run homer in the rally.

Roosters 29, Woodland RV Park 21

Roosters: Derek Kunderman 4-4, Greg Buchner 4-5

Woodland: Rick Csoff 4-4, Tom Csoff 5-5, Brad Adams HR

Leadoff batter Derek Kunderman scored five runs for the Roosters.

Maple View Variety 29, Gators 17

Maple View: Randy Miller 5-5, Dustin Pettit 4-4

Gators: Trevor Brown 5-5, Scott Balazs 4-5

D-Backs scored at least four runs in every inning but the first.

Haines Exteriors 21, Maple View Variety 13

Haines Exteriors: Martin Klassen 4-4 3 HRs, Andrew Jacko 3-4, Dave Phillips 2 HRs

Maple View Variety: Nathan Klassen 3-4, Randy Miller 3-4, Ryan Miller 2 HRs, Ryan Black HR

Dave Phillips homered twice and drove in six for Haines.

Gators 25, Roosters 19

Gators: Jamie Nunn 5-5, Trevor Brown 4-4

Roosters: Paul Lytuyne 4-5, Greg Buchner 3-4

Gators came from behind scoring 11 over their last two at-bats.

Woodland RV Park 23, Robert Q Travel 5

Woodland RV: Aaron Phillips 3-3, Brandon VanHaecke 3-3, Kyle Neuman HR, Brad Adams HR

Robert Q Travel: Clayton Stubbs 3-3, Matt Wight 3-3, Josh Stubbs HR

Woodland started off quick plating 13 over their first two at-bats.

Woodland RV Park 21, IC Waters 12

Woodland RV: Aaron Phillips 4-5 HR, Rick Csoff 3-4 2 HRs, Tim Townsend HR

IC Waters: Steve Leacock 4-4 2 HRs, Chris Sanders 3-4, Steve Voth 2 HRs, Jeff Cadotte HR

Rick Csoff led the winners with a double and pair of home runs.

Men’s B

Kirwin and Oatman scored 82 runs over their three victories to open the season. Their closest win was a 28-27 extra-inning win over Hollister KIA Dekambas.

DeGroote-Hill came up with a mercy over Domino’s Hounds and then came up with their second walkoff win 13-12 over Corey’s Restaurant.

Big Bass Brawlers beat Corey’s Restaurant by eight and tied Domino’s.

Domino’s beat Spartans easily, and beat Dirty Mitts in a low-scoring affair.

Corey’s came from behind in a walkoff win over Spartans.

Corey’s Restaurant 17, Spartans 16

Corey’s: Scott Beattie 5-5, Dave Gonculues 4-4

Spartans: Jake Dyck 2-2, Martin Klassen 3-4

Don Schinkle had the walkoff base hit for Corey’s.

Domino’s Hounds 32, Spartans 17

Domino’s: Mike Bouck 6-6 2 HRs, Jason VanDenNeucker 5-5, Nick Barnim HR, Joel Prouse HR

Spartans: Corny Krahn 5-5 HR, Jake Klassen 3-4, Abe Krahn HR

Mike Bouck had a pair of homers and six runs scored for Domino’s.

Big Bass Brawlers 18, Corey’s Restaurant 11

Big Bass: Jason Nesbitt 4-4 HR, Ryan Copping 5-5, Joe Stone 2 HRs

Corey’s: Rob Fishback 3-4 HR, Mark Nechelputt 3-4, Don Schinkle HR, Steve Wesseling HR

Joe Stone homered twice for the winners.

Domino’s Hounds 4, Dirty Mitts 2

Domino’s: Lance Mackenzie 2-3, Mark McKibbon 2-3, Mike Bouck HR

Dirty Mitts: Jarrett Anderson 3-3, Greg Onaitis 2-3

Jason VanDenNeucker had the walkoff RBI in the eighth for Domino’s.

Big Bass Brawlers 11, Domino’s Hounds 11

Big Bass: Shaine Hall 4-4, Bill Lachapelle 4-4

Domino’s: Mike Bouck 4-5, Evan Juszku 3-4

Big Bass tied the game with a seventh-inning run.

Kirwin and Oatman 23, DeGroote-Hill 5

Kirwin Oatman: Thom Puhr 4-5 HR, Marty Hawel 4-5 HR, Joe Fanscher 3 HRs, Jordy Thompson HR, Cheyne Sarafinchin HR

DeGroote-Hill: Adam Goodlett 2-3, Dave Weaver 2-3

Kirwin and Oatman scored 21 runs over their final two at-bats.

Kirwin and Oatman 31, Dirty Mitts 23

Kirwin Oatman: Jason Godby 6-6 2 HRs, Cheyne Sarafinchin 6-6, Thom Puhr HR

Dirty Mitts: Greg Onaitis 4-4, Jarrett Anderson 4-4 HR, Mike Vanwynsberghe HR, Rob Vandemaele HR

Cheyne Sarafinchin reached and scored in six plate appearances.

Kirwin and Oatman 28, Hollister KIA 27

Kirwin Oatman: Thom Puhr 6-6 HR, Jordan Rooke 5-6

Hollister KIA: Benson Howey 5-6, Chad Barclay 5-6

Thom Puhr led off the eighth with a single, then scored the winning run.

DeGroote-Hill 24, Domino’s Hounds

DeGroote-Hill: Bob Long 6-6 HR, Trevor Fleet 6-6, Doug Falkins HR

Domino’s: Jim McKillen 3-3 HR, Bob McKillen 2-2

DeGroote-Hill’s nine-man squad opened with a seven-run first.

DeGroote-Hill 13, Corey’s Restaurant 12

DeGroote-Hill: Bob Long 4-4, Jim Long 4-4

Corey’s: Rob Fishback 4-4 2 HRs, Jason Martins HR, Jason Vandommele 4-5

Jim Long had the walkoff RBI in DeGroote-Hill’s seventh.

Men’s C

Broadway Lanes Bears had little trouble against an eight-man Troyers Destroyers mercying them in five. The win moved them into a three-way tie for first with Hit N Run and Cain’s Pelicans.

Broadway Lanes 24, Troyer Destroyers 9

Broadway Lanes Bears: Jeff Davies 4-5, Bill Brindley 4-4

Destroyers: Jesse Temple 5-5, Kevin Alward 5-5

Derrick Harnish scored four runs for the winners.

Ladies A

Eichenberg was given a scare in two games last week coming from behind to win over EMI Steelerz and Jays.

Jays had a close win over Orange Crush, then also lost to Ritchie’s Modern Trends. Ritchie’s also edged ServiceMaster in an extra inning.

Great Lakes Physio – Corey’s Restaurant mercied ServiceMaster.

Great Lakes Corey’s 25, ServiceMaster 8

Great Lakes Corey’s: Shannon Ewing 4-4, Tania Ghesquiere 4-4

ServiceMaster: Melissa Howick 3-4, Becky Dancy 3-3

Jessica Anseeuw had a pair of triples for the winners.

Eichenberg’s 13, EMI Steelerz 6

Eichenberg: Alisha Stubbs 4-4, Mary Boldt 3-4

EMI: Deanna Littler 3-3, Alana Hasket 3-3

Eichenberg’s plated seven late to register the win.

Jays 12, Orange Crush 10

Jays: Melissa Hughes 4-4, Kristen Cadotte 3-4

Orange Crush: Stacey Laurier 4-4, Rina Langrell 3-3

Amy Beattie had a two-run double in Jays’ three-run sixth.

Eichenberg 17, Jays 16

Eichenberg: Lauren Duffy 5-5, Shannon Moore 4-5

Jays: Shirley Moore 5-5, Marcia Vanhaverbeke 4-5

Becky Ford had the walkoff winning RBI in Eichenberg’s four-run seventh.

Ritchie’s Modern Trends 8, ServiceMaster 7

Ritchie’s: Randi Williams 2-3, Holley Dayman 2-3

ServiceMaster: Kerry Jensen 3-4, Steph Erdelac 3-4

Jen VanBesien had the game-winning RBI in Ritchie’s eighth.

Ritchie’s Modern Trends 12, Jays 10

Ritchie’s: Michele Warboys 4-4, Jen VanBesien 3-4

Jays: Mary Froese 3-4, Bobbi Hiscock 3-4

Lindsay and Michele Warboys each crossed the plate in Ritchie’s two-run eighth.

Ladies B

Focus remained atop the division standings after victories over Scared Hitless and Hericanes.

Hericanes edged Cardio Plus Camo Pitches 8-7 in extra innings. Cardio Plus beat Outcasts to round out the week’s action.

Focus 23, Hericanes 15

Focus: Kristen Bogart 5-5, Steph Belanger 3-3

Hericanes: Heather Haley 4-5, Heidi Hopper 4-4

Kristen Bogart doubled and scored four runs for Focus.

Cardio Plus Camo Pitches 18, Outcasts 13

Cardio Plus: Dawn Patterson 4-5, Chantal Desmarchais 2-2

Outcasts: Trisha DeLoose 3-4, Tonya Temple 3-4

Cardio Plus scored nine over their last two at-bats.

Hericanes 8, Cardio Plus Camo Pitches 7

Hericanes: Steph Heath 4-4, Kristen Duncan 3-4

Cardio Plus: Heather Simmonds 3-5, Dawn Patterson 3-5

Mandy Curran delivered the game-winning RBI in the eighth.

Focus 12, Scared Hitless 7

Focus: Marcia Wright 3-3, Steph Belanger 3-3

Scared Hitless: Julie Boldt 2-2, Mona Desmarchais 3-3

Kitty Grant had a two-run double for Focus.


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