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Sunday, May 12

Springfield Baptist Church

Mothers were warmly welcomed to the Mother's Day services at Springfield Baptist Church. The high school Sunday School class presented a Mother's Day quiz and a visual presentation of the many "hats" of moms. The Men's Quartet led the worship time reminding us that we not only praise moms today, but the God who made them. The Junior Choir also presented a special song, He Never Sleeps.

Pastor Jeff Rockwell turned to a typical Mother's Day passage, Proverbs 31, but focused on verses 1-9 which are often overlooked. The first nine verses show the mindset of the king's mother's heart through her words to her son. There is a sense of passion and burden in this passage as she imparts practical instruction with great emotion. Every mother experiences the longing to find a way to avert their child from following the path of danger, and this mother comes right out and states it plainly.

As she advises him, we first see her yearning for the heart of her son to be free and devoted to his calling. Her concerns and warnings are directly related to the external hindrances that will affect his heart, his morality, and his character. Second, she seeks to protect him. Mothers routinely offer emotional and physical protection, but the king's mother is aiming to protect him from himself. She pleads with him to not allow his temptations to overcome him. Next, her passion for his holiness and not, foremost, his happiness is evident. She sought to reinforce that seeking holiness was paramount, and in its pursuit he would find happiness as well. Finally, the king's mother viewed her son in the larger context of his mission. She understood that her son was not her own, but belonging to God, and that ultimately they both needed not lose sight of why he was there.

Moms were challenged to consider whether they were doing these things in the lives of their children. Is it our desire that our children's hearts be free of distraction and inclined toward the pursuit of relationship with God? Do we understand their need for redemption and sanctification? They were encouraged to pray and seek wisdom and strength from God in the arena of motherhood.

Avondale United Church

On Mother's Day (Christian Family Day), the congregation at Avondale worshipped at 10:30 a.m. George Beard Jr. welcomed everyone and gave the announcements. The trivia question of the day was "Who in our congregtion went to Ohio to see Red Skelton who at the age of 80, performed for two hours straight?"

During the time with children, Rev. Fred Hagle told them they would be learning about the first family - that of Adam and Eve. The scripture read was taken from John 17: Jesus Prays for All Believers. The message for adults was ‘A Strange New Math.’ One plus one plus one equals one. We were created to be with each other. God cares for His children, and we are connected with each other as followers of Jesus. Jesus' disciples were His family. The only thing harder than getting along with people is getting along without them. We need each other's faith to strengthen our own. The choir's anthem was a combination of O Love How Deep and Wonderful Love.

Some of the songs sung by the congregation were It's a Song of Praise to the Maker, Come In and Sit Down, Who is My Mother and Blessed Be Your Name.

Bruce Fleming sang A Mother's Love as the Sunday School children handed out flowers to all the ladies present. The answer to the Trivia question was Gladys Stroud. A huge thank you goes to the Delmer congregation for their generous gift from the sale of their church.

Why not join us this Pentecost Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for worship when John 14:8-27 will be read and the message will be entitled ‘A Spirit of Truth. A Jamboree is scheduled in Cuthbertson Hall on Sat., May 18 starting at 6:30 p.m.

Langton Baptist Church

Rev. Keith Sutherland opened the Mother’s Day church service at 11 a.m.

His message was on ‘Mothers as glimpses of God in the terms of womanhood. It is important that all of us are in the image of God. A mother gives birth, but the true mother nurtures, cares for and reflects with compassion and love shown. In God we must be born again. We are created for living God as He protects us. We have freedom on this Mother’s Day with these glimpses of God and thank God that we have hope for the resurrection and sacrifices of our mothers and of God. A Mother’s Prayer followed.

Rev. Sutherland read Mother’s Day Origins.

The children’s story was on A Reading of a Mother’s Love. Get a piece of paper and write on it, ‘Thank you, mom.’ Think about how you have seen God’s guiding hand in your mother.’

Hymns sung, were: Come We That Love The Lord, Faith of Our Mothers, Now Thank We All Our God, and O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee, with Mandy Taylor as organist.

Scripture readings, were: Psalm 66:102, 6-14, 22-23; 1 Kings 3:16-28; Deuteronomy 32:8-13; Exodus 19:3-6; Hosea 13:4-8; Matthew 23:31-39.

Prayers of supplication and praise were given by Rev. Sutherland.

Offering was received by Barbra Sinnesael and Tracey Knack.

St. Paul’s Port Burwell/Vienna United Church

Church service was led by Rev. Cordell Parsons.

Music was supplied by Courtney Porch.

Service opened with a sung Indroit called Love Is Flowing Like a River.

Rev Parsons led the congregation in the call to worship responded to by the people.

The first hymn was We Are Part of the Family.

There was an opening prayer led by Rev. Parsons and repeated by the congregation.

There was a period of passing the peace amongst the congregation.

There was a sung response Halle, Halleluah.

The minister led the congregation in repeating the Lord’s Prayer.

The scripture reading was taken from the book of John: Chapter 17:20-26.

In which Jesus is speaking to God and asking that God love the people that God gave to Jesus on earth. Love does not happen in a vacuum. Love is something that is passed from me to you and from you to me. Children who receive the proper amount of nurturing as infants and toddlers have a sense of security and trust that will last a lifetime.

You will always know I am a follower of God if I show love for you. I will always know you are a follower of God if you show love for me. Others will always know we are followers of God if we show love for them. Love has defining characteristics, the characteristics of God, changing our families, changing our world, changing our lives, it produces joy and peace and patience and faithfulness and gentleness.

Thanks to our families and especially our mothers, we have love.

Christian Family Sunday and Mother’s Day is a day to remind our selves that our responsibility is to love one another.

The next hymn was Make Me a Channel of Your Peace.

There were prayers for the world and for our mothers.

The final hymn was Oh Love How Deep.

Next Sunday service will be at 11 a.m. at St. Paul’s Port Burwell and we invite everyone to attend and worship.


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