Pricey - or priceless?

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By Amanda Verhoeve

Tillsonburg News Co-Op Student

For generations, high school seniors have taken part in one of the biggest teenage milestones - prom.

While it is said to be one of the best nights a teen could ever have, a lot of students and parents are concerned with the high costs.

The biggest question is: How much are you willing to spend on prom?

Personally, I have been waiting for prom since elementary school when my friends and I would giggle over our dream date or the colour of our dream dress. Now that the “big day” is only a few weeks away, containing my excitement is definitely a chore. Hair, makeup and nail appointments were booked in February, to ensure the salon didn’t run out of room as tons of high school seniors were filling them in. My dress was purchased over March Break, and was inexpensive compared to what other girls in my class were paying for theirs. Shoes and jewelry were purchased not too long afterwards. It wasn’t until two months later when I actually asked myself how much all of this was going to cost when it added up?

Dress: $285. Shoes and jewelry: $60. Hair, makeup and nails: $150. Is $495 spent on prom too much? I’m not even renting a party bus or a limo! I think that spending nearly $500 on prom is absolutely worth it. I only have one chance at prom in my entire life; I think it’s okay to splurge on an evening that’s been so anticipated!

In 20 or 30 years, I’ll look at the photos taken at prom and see my friends’ smiles, the pretty dresses and the handsome tuxes, the picturesque venue and the cool cars. I will not be seeing the money and time spent in preparation. Although $500 seems a little much for a few hours, the memories and the classic high school rite of passage is absolutely priceless.



PHOTO GALLERY: The Glendale High School Student Prom Committee held a fund-raising car wash beginning Saturday morning at Mister Auto Wash. Despite cool temperatures, male and female committee members were kept busy washing, buffing and polishing a steady stream of vehicles. This year’s Glendale senior prom will be held Friday, May 31 at the Tillsonburg Soccer Club. Jeff Tribe/Tillsonburg News



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