Sooner or later, spring has to arrive

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No winter coat and no socks.

Some days it’s hard to figure out just how to dress. I washed and put away our winter coats a couple weeks ago determined to force spring to arrive. I thought I had succeeded a few times only to wake up to snow. I refused to succumb so wear warm sweaters under my spring jacket but even that started to wear a little thin.

This week I actually went outside without socks on. There was still a definite chill in the air but I am again willing warm weather to arrive. And again the forecast is calling for flurries. I will not give in and sooner or later spring will appear.

None of the spring flowers have been lost yet, so that’s a good thing although not everyone can say that. A friend lost many of her early daffodils. She is a gardener and has many specialty bulbs and plants on which she has spent good money. This makes losing them much more difficult. Most of my stuff is just ordinary and a lot of my gardens are filled with plants and bulbs others have shared with me. They are special for that reason but it hasn’t cost me out of pocket when Mother Nature takes them.

With the cold weather still upon us, it has not been nice enough for me to be out working in the gardens. Did get the front flowerbeds raked and the perennials and grasses cut down but that’s about it. I see I have a lovely ground cover flourishing in the bed along the front porch.

Don’t think it is something a gardener would appreciate and I know it really isn’t supposed to be there. It will have to stay there for now. It is, of course, tough stuff to have survived the winter and already be green and lush.

It would be nice to know who determined what should be considered a weed to be eradicated from civilized yards. This particular plant hugs the earth and has lovely little, clover-like, lavender flowers. I see nothing wrong with it and with its tight, compact growing system should prevent other weeds from getting through. What do you think? A newly-discovered weed-controlling ground cover?

Just read an article this week which was dealing with skin care. There are so many products out there which profess to diminish puffiness, puff wrinkles, correct dark spots, tighten skin, brighten, lift, polish, smooth and on and on. There is a product out there to fix anything you might not like when you look in the mirror.

This particular product claimed to be designed to make your skin cells ‘act younger.’ Just what does that mean? Is it possible to fool cells into thinking and acting like they are only 18 instead of 40, 50, 60…?

Never mind just my face, I want gallons of the stuff to soak in so all my cells start to act younger. And while those smart folks are at it can they please make a product that makes my cells act thinner.



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