Church Report: Sunday, April 21

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Sunday, April 21

Springfield Baptist Church

A warm welcome was extended to everyone attending the services at Springfield Baptist Church by Lorraine and Dwight Davis. The worship in music time was led by Steve and Stephanie Kinsey as well as Johanna Fuller.

Guest speaker for the day was Dr. Earl Cooper representing ABWE and Cameroun Biblical Seminary in Central Africa. Dr. Cooper’s message was from 1 Peter 5, and reminded us the uniqueness, preciousness and greatness of our salvation and encouraged believers to match their faith talk to their faith walk. It is clear that there will be hardships in our lives and God has provided us with a ‘Rope of Security’ for those times when life’s experiences have the potential to overwhelm us. The Rope of Security is made up of Grace, Glory and Goodness. God’s grace is illuminating, saving, justifying, comforting, strengthening and sanctifying. Grace means we are able to do what we could never do on our own. God’s glory made us suitable for what he has for us and believers can glory in God’s presence, His inheritance and His perfection. Finally God’s goodness enables us to be suitable, makes us stable, makes us strong and secure.

In summary, What does God’s glory, grace and goodness mean to you? It is what God has given each of His children to help get them over the difficult bridges in our lives.

Avondale United Church

Worship was held at Avondale at 10:30 a.m. Happy Birthday was sung to those born in the month of April. Lay Reader Jean Currier welcomed everyone and gave the announcements.

In the Time with Children, Rev. Fred Hagle and Ben Peever demonstrated a tug of war similar to the one between God and the evil one. The scripture read was taken from John 10 The Unbelief of the Jews.

The message for adults was ‘The Voice.’ The people of Jesus' day had trouble believing Jesus could be the Messiah they had waited for. The man and his message were so different from what they expected to hear. They wanted proof. Jesus said "My sheep know my voice and follow me."

We must listen and follow so we can believe who Jesus is. He will lead us through whatever happens in life. We should read the scripture to hear his voice - listen and follow. The choir's anthem was "For the Love of God".

The music during the worship was accompanied by Bruce Fleming. Some of the congregational songs sung were How Great is Our God, Your Love is Amazing, Jesus Shall Reign, Zion Will Be New and Are You a Shepherd?

The trivia question was who, as a member of St. John's United Church, Scarborough Youth Group, participated in a debate about ‘Morality & Religion on the 1967 W-5 TV Show? And the answer was Joan Ward.

Why not join us Sunday at 10:30 when the message will be Colouring Outside the Lines? Read Acts 11:1-19 to prepare and remember to bring items for the Food Bank. Come early and enjoy a coffee first.

On Sunday, May 26 Avondale will have a Friendship Sunday, when new members may join and the service will be followed by a Finger Food Buffet. Plan to attend for a great time of fellowship after worship.

St Paul’s Port Burwell/Vienna United Church

The service was led by Rev. Cordell Parsons.

Music was supplied by Frances Martenkevicius.

The minister opened the service by announcing we gather in God’s name.

A call to worship was led by Rev. Parsons and responded to by the congregation.

There was an opening prayer led by Rev. Parsons.

The first hymn was Oh Lord My God.

There was a time of passing the peace amongst the congregation.

Prayer service was led by Rev. Parsons and responded to by the congregation. Song of response was Halleluah, Halleluah , Give Thanks.

The Lord’s Prayer was led by Rev. Parsons and repeated by the congregation.

The next hymn was Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me

There was a time of silence and a sung indroit.

The sermon was entitled ‘It depends on which one I decide to feed.’

The scripture reading was taken from Ezekiel 37:1-14 which speaks about Ezekiel meeting God in a valley where there were dry bones of humans on the ground. God asked Ezekiel if he thought God could breathe new life into the dry bones in the sand and Ezekiel said God only you can answer that. God then went ahead and breathed new life into the dry bones and created new human beings from the dry bones.

The tragedy in Boston was mentioned where a day of joy and celebration at the end of the Boston Marathon quickly turned into a day of fear and helplessness, anger and revenge.

If we can imagine it nearly 3,000 years ago the people of Israel felt afraid and helpless. Feelings of anger and revenge were also an integral part of their story. Their country had been destroyed and they had been held captive. What hope they had at the beginning of their exile was now gone.

As we deal with our respective challenges, and we try to come to terms with the anguish and pain of our losses we have to decide for our selves which howling sounds to feed.

The next hymn was All the Way My Saviour Leads Me.

There were prayers of the people led by Rev. Parsons

The final hymn was In the Bulb There is a Flower.

Church next Sunday will be at 11 a.m. and all are invited to join and worship at St. Paul’s Port Burwell/Vienna United Church.

Mt. Elgin United Church

Sometimes in life we discover there are obstacles in our way, things that block our thinking or stop our growth, things that interfere with our good intentions. Sometimes even little things can stop us in our tracks or slow us down. When this happens, we often need help recognizing and getting past the things that are holding us back.

We need God to help us get moving again in the right direction. Join us this Sunday at 10 a.m. at Mt. Elgin United Church as we explore Jesus' commandment to love one another, and invite God to help us see things in a new way. We are also delighted to welcome the trustees from Delmer United Church to this service for a celebration of the ministry and legacy of their congregation.

For more information about our programs and worship, please call 519-425-2091. Everyone is welcome to join us. No church experience or fancy clothes required.

Langton Baptist Church

Rev. Keith Sutherland opened the church service at 11 a.m.

His message was on ‘Arise, we are here and Jesus promises us He will give us eternal life, but that about our dying? We have to go back to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. No one believes in the resurrection of the individual. The power of resurrection was let loose among Jesus’ followers. God defeated death. We will die physically, raised as an individual, as evidenced in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our resurrection is still to come. Let us rise up when we are resurrected to live as Jesus sheep fold into resurrected life itself.’ Prayer followed.

The children’s story was on ‘Sometimes we say silly thing.’ The Jewish people thought they were the only people of God. Sometimes we think we are the only people of God. God loves the whole world. We miss the purpose of God. There was a demonstration of a little twist given by God that we don’t understand.’

Hymns sung, were: We Are Standing, I Am Thine, O Lord, Standing On The Promises, and The Lord’s My Shepherd.

Responsive reading was Psalm 23.

Scripture readings, were: Revelations 7:9-17; John 10:11-30; and Acts 9:36-43.

Prayers of supplication and praise were given by Rev. Sutherland.

Offering was received by Kim Fasseel and Barbra Sinnesael.



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