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Two Cents Worth

Hope everyone had a peaceful, blessed Easter filled with family and good food.

Food is always important at any occasion. If there is enough good food and good beverages, even family gatherings are successful. Well, for the most part anyway. Too much of a good thing can and will cause problems.

Morgan and I headed north with an unsuspecting friend in tow. When introducing someone new to my sister we need to debrief them before arrival. Morgan calls her “my crazy aunt,” which can be a bit off-putting for some and a unique challenge for others. My sister, brother-in-law and two grown sons are who they are and they make no excuses or apologies. That is what makes them so special and fun to be around. Everyone, including new victims, is treated like a much-loved and welcomed friend. What they have, they share willingly. Life is simple and to be enjoyed, not fretted about. They are just so easy to be around.

Lauret does not always follow society’s version of normal. Not many folks would be thrilled about receiving marrow bones for their birthday. But what a feast those of us who do appreciate such things had on Easter morning, which was also her birthday. She had an assortment of chocolate hockey players, bunnies and gifts for everyone for Easter, even though the youngest was 17.

I took up a crock pot full of pulled pork, a couple dozen buns and a big dish of cottage pie which filled in between all the other good stuff she provided like ham and scalloped potatoes, bacon and eggs, cheesecake and sandwiches. I don’t think we stopped eating the whole time we were there. And some of us didn’t get dressed until the later hours of the day, if at all.

The boys got involved in bush crawlin’, some tree fort demolition, three wheelin’ and maple syrup making until dark, then the video games came out. We sat up until all hours talking and laughing. I hurt so much from laughing it made getting to sleep difficult. But that was OK because sleeping in was the norm for all of us and some never crawled out of bed until almost noon.

It was a fun-filled, jam-packed, loving, crazy, few days as we always expect when we share holidays with them. And Morgan’s friend said he wanted to go back again so we’ve won another one over.

Now, it’s get back at the income tax and start on the yard work.  Spring – it can be glorious and trying all at the same time. When the snow covers the ground it’s easy to forget about all the twigs, stray leaves, overgrown perennials, garbage and such which has gathered underneath. Those grasses which looked so nice fluttering around in the wind or coated with snow the past couple months now just look messy.

So back to reality and taking care of business. Sure hope it soon warms up to help get me inspired to get at the spring clean up.


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