Seniors put 'fun' in fashion show

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They say laughter is good for the soul.

And there was plenty of it among senior residents and staff members at Harvest Retirement Community in Tillsonburg did during a ‘Fun Fashion Show’ Thursday afternoon.

“Last October we had a dress-up as people usually do, for Halloween. I wore my stylish outfit of a box coat and a pillbox hat,” said Rose Knowles co-organizer of the Fun Fashion Show. “At that time I was inspired and suggested to my co-hostess, (staff member) Joyce Cottrell that we should have a fun fashion show.”

The two were enthusiastic and thrilled about the possibility of presenting the inaugural event at the retirement community.

“We wanted to have it earlier in the wintertime when things are drab and dull and people have to stay inside,” said Knowles. “But it ended up being on April 4 instead.”

Knowles said there was a lot of effort and time put into preparing for the fashion show by everyone involved, especially for those who participated on the makeshift catwalk.

“Some of them made their own costumes completely and some of them had help,” she added. “This was the end result of a team effort.”

In addition to several residents, there were a number of staff members who participated in the event as well, including, the general manager, the director of wellness, the bus driver and the maintenance manager.

“They were easily identified as staff members,” Knowles said with a chuckle referring to their younger age.

There was a silly and at times, boisterous nature to the fashion show Thursday afternoon, but one thing is clear – a fun time was had by all.

“It certainly was fun for me,” said Knowles. “And it looked as if people really enjoyed it, and the models did put in a lot of effort.”

General Manager at Harvest Retirement Community, Patrine Frey agreed.

“This event really means a lot to the residents because it brings some laughter,” said Frey.

“That was the idea,” added Knowles. “To have a laughing time together, to spruce us up for nicer weather.”

Knowles summed up the ‘Fun Fashion Show’ at Harvest Retirement Community, the same way it began – with a couple of quotes to help residents understand that laughter really is the best medicine.

“There is a time to laugh, by King Solomon and a cheerful heart is like good medicine, that’s from Proverbs,” said Knowles. “Our medical experts say that laughter is good for the cardiovascular system, and a poet writes – ‘a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest women and men,” she concluded with a smile.




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