Booth's Harbour bantams down two

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It took a late goal for Cayuga to get past the Langton Booth’s Harbour bantams Sunday afternoon in Game 1 of their OMHA six-point series.

Late, and a lot lucky.

Drew Anthony’s point shot with 4:21 left in the third period inadvertently redirected off a Langton defenders stick in front, and a bit to the right, of a surprised goalie Mitchell Schoffro, bouncing into the net to break a scoreless tie.

“It’s just something you’ve take, and feed off it,” said Langton Booth’s Harbour bantam coach Dave Matthews, recalling Cayuga’s 1-0 power-play winner. “You have to feed off it. Eat it and say ‘okay, let’s go back to the drawing board.’ Let’s get it back.

“Everyone was shaken up though,” he admitted. “It goes off our guy and in. After playing two and a half periods, we were thinking ‘we’re in this game’ and then all of a sudden something like that. We were thinking we were going to score a goal, maybe like that and win 1-0, and all of a sudden it’s in our net.

“It is what it is – that’s hockey. You just have to pick your head up and go into Game 2,” he added, confident the Booth’s Harbour bantams were a resilient enough team. “The thing about these kids is they fight back.”

Both teams were solid defensively, he said.

“We had our chances, we just weren’t capitalizing. But I think that’s some of the best hockey we’ve played – I think if we play like that all series, we definitely should win.

“The offence could be better, but they just have to keep the heart going and hopefully we’ll get a couple lucky goals like that and pull out a couple wins.

“It was a little bit of both,” said Langton assistant captain Colin DeCloet, figuring Cayuga’s defence was good, but the Leafs perhaps didn’t play their best game offensively.

“The defence wasn’t anything special. Faster than some, but… Our passing wasn’t the greatest today.”

Langton came out flying early in Sunday’s game.

“We were all over them the first half of the game, most of it we were in their end. I think the majority of the game we were the better team. Just a lucky bounce is what happened…. lucky for them. It could have went either way.

“Our goalie was great,” DeCloet noted.

“Hopefully he (Schoffro) stands on his head again,” agreed Matthews.

Cayuga, who played in Southern Counties East, were an unknown quantity coming into Langton.

“First time we’ve seen them this year,” said Matthews. “It’s a good matchup. We’re two pretty even teams, which is good. I think it’s going to be a very tight series. I think with a little more persistence, it’ll be a good series and we should win.”

Tuesday’s game in Cayuga finished with an identical 1-0 loss for the Booth’s Harbour bantams, who come home Thursday trailing the six-point series 4-0.

“Cayuga Tuesday and back here Thursday,” Matthews said Sunday afternoon. “Hopefully two wins.”

Southern Counties

“We went a month without playing, then we played Simcoe (Jan. 9) and we beat them,” said DeCloet. “Then we had an off-game – completely off – against Norwich, lost 8-2. We had like 46 minutes in penalties. Then we played Simcoe again yesterday (Saturday) and lost 3-1, but that game also could have went either way.”

Langton 3, Simcoe 1

Langton goals: Curtis Queensberry, Peyton Callens, Brenden DeBruyn

Langton assists: Brenden Deleebeeck, Brenden DeBruyn, Colin DeCloet.


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