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Tillsonburg’s Emma-Lee Kellins presents an exhibition of works in Undiluted, the first solo exhibit for this aspiring and talented young artist.

A variety of Kellins’ artistic expression will be on display at the Station Arts Centre in Tillsonburg, part of the Changing Exhibit Gallery from Dec. 7-22.

“I chose the title because with my paints I don’t actually add any water to them – I love the vibrancy of the paints and I find that when you do dilute your paints you loose the vibrant colours,” said Kellins. “It’s really a nervous time having your first solo show, but I’m excited to start getting my name out in the art world a bit too.”

Kellins, 21, recently graduated from the University of Waterloo, completing her studies in April 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts degree, specializing in Studio Art. In addition to her artwork, Kellins also aspires to become an art therapist one day, working with people and sharing a message of art and culture in her community.

Working primarily in photography and acrylic paints, Kellins has also developed an interest in different mediums throughout her schooling. She incorporates these avenues of art into her first solo exhibit at the Station Arts Centre.

“There’s a lot of my pieces that have graphic design mixed in with the photography. A lot of the works come from past experiences and some of them have a child-like feel.”

Bright colours and a sense of fun fill the gallery, showcasing a variety of mediums including photography, paintings, sculpture, graphic design and drawings.

“The show is based on my personality so I really wanted to get across the point that art can be what you want it to be. A lot of the artists we show here have more of a literal approach and mine is more of a surealism-pop art, something that’s not really popular in the art world right now.”

This unique and youthful approach can also use abstract styles which may appeal to both the older and the younger generations.

“I think it comes with my age too - I haven’t exactly figured out my style. With my personality and being young myself, that’s what comes across. So I think a lot of young adults and teens will really enjoy it.”


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